Latest Hair Transplant Technology

Latest Hair Transplant Technology, Hair loss is becoming an increasingly common problem all over the world due to genetic disorders and excessive stress. There are lots of methods for the treatment of hair loss. However, none of them is as permanent as a hair transplant. 

Latest Hair Transplant Technology

Thanks to advanced technology, hair transplant operations have become more comfortable. Besides, the healing period is relatively easier now as the new methods do not make an incision on the scalp. You can see the difference between the two most common methods for hair transplant.

Synthetic Hair vs Hair Transplant

Prosthetic hair is an artificial and temporary solution, although it may give instant satisfaction. Hair transplant process provides a permanent solution as it is the transplant of your hair follicles to the scalp. The hair follicles taken from the nape does not shed as they are resistant to the DHT hormone. In capable hands, a hair transplant will give successful results with little postoperative care.

On the other hand, prosthetic hair needs regular maintenance. In summer, it can irritate the skin because it prevents the skin from breathing, especially when the temperature increases. 

For these reasons, hair transplant is more preferred than synthetic hair. You can have hair transplant operation regardless of the degree of hair loss. You will get successful results with the latest hair transplant technology.

FUE and DHI Method

These two methods are the most reliable and effective solutions for hair loss. Technology has made FUE and DHI extremely comfortable during and after the process. FUE and DHI are alike in many ways. However, the only difference is the graft collection and transplantation. 

In DHI, we transplant hair follicles collected by special Choi pens right after the collection. The remaining process and the healing time are the same as the FUE method.

Hair transplant operation includes the following procedure:

  • The preop analysis and examinations
  • Collection of the grafts
  • Separating the hair follicles from the grafts
  • Sorting the hair roots according to their direction and shape
  • Opening the channels
  • Transplanting hair follicles into the channels

It is essential to collect adequate grafts and to determine well the direction for a successful transplant. It depends entirely on the shedding of the area to be transplanted and the availability of the donor area. The important thing is not always to transplant a lot of hair follicles. Sometimes, just the average number of hair follicles is enough to obtain a good-looking hair.

A capable and experienced surgeon is required for a smooth operation. At esteGrande, we work with only experienced surgeons and staff to obtain the most successful results. Therefore, we offer the most successful hair transplant operations. Our team also offers all-inclusive packages to ensure your comfort and satisfaction with the whole process. Contact us for more information about the procedure.

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