The English Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton has everything a man could want. Money, fame, beautiful women at his beck and call, and he actually gets paid to drive fast cars. The envy of all men.

There’s another thing that he shares with a large part of the male population worldwide: he is balding. At least he was. Now? Not so much.

Hamilton is obviously an expert in reaching the finish line fast. Is he also an expert on preventing his hairline from going away fast?

Hair: Before and After

There has never been a direct confirmation from the man himself.

Can you take his silence as confirmation? Perhaps the evidence seems to the point that way. Before and after pictures of Hamilton might very well be before and after pictures that a surgeon shows you from a hair transplant procedure.

Back in July 2019, Hamilton made known to us that he formerly used “bad hair products.” He claims it caused the noticeable thinning he had.

He admits seeing a “specialist,” who let him know that unless he takes proper care of it, he would lose it fast. That fact alone should arouse suspicion.

On Instagram, Hamilton implied that he found a new hair-grooming regime. He now says that he owes his new locks of hair to it.

Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant: Has He Had One?

The jury is still out despite his claims.

As mentioned, images of Hamilton could be a prime example of a hair transplant results.

Hamilton appears to be the subject of a very successful FUE transplant. A follicular unit excision (FUE) surgically removes healthy follicles from the base and sides of the scalp. Those are then grafted into the desired area for growing.

One could go as far as baptizing a hair transplant procedure after him. “The Hamilton” or a “Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant” could be a marketing success thanks to his image. The splitting of the royalties would be another thing, and likely would prevent the whole enterprise, though.

Hair Loss in Men

Age has a way to mess with our hair, making it thinner way too fast. But it is not the only thing that does that; genes are guilty as well.

Our genetics can make us more or less susceptible to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT binds itself to our hair follicles, causing them to start shrinking. Thus, our genes can make us more susceptible to even small amounts of it.

The shrinking continues until the hair no longer grows, causing what’s known as male pattern baldness, which is exactly what Lewis Hamilton suffered from.

Hair Transplant: A Perfect Solution

But Lewis suffers no longer from it, thanks to a hair transplant.

Through a rather short procedure, our surgeons can also deliver to you such natural-looking results that will last permanently.

But a hair transplant procedure is guaranteed to have you looking fresh and young once again.

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