Many people who experience hair loss but still have long hair want an operation without cutting or shaving their hair. This is not a problem anymore. Thanks to technological improvements in the field of hair transplant, now we can perform long hair transplant with FUE and DHI technique without shaving or cutting hair. Therefore many women and men with long hair prefer these techniques.

For many years, aesthetic surgery has tried to find a solution to this situation and finally has developed the long hair FUE technique. With the long hair transplant technique, both the operation and the healing process have become very comfortable for the patients. The method is highly popular among businessmen with a busy agenda and artists who frequently perform stage shows.

In order to apply this technique, you should choose your doctor quite well.  The doctor should be more reliable and experienced as it is a different and detailed operation than normal hair transplant procedures. It constitutes a whole process that requires critical choices in a more limited area. 

It is a very complex process that requires the most experience, knowledge, and skills to get the healthiest hair follicles by experts. Long hair transplantation technique with FUE gives people who do not want their hair to be shaved the opportunity to recover their hair health with minimally invasive procedures. On the other hand, long hair transplant gives better results on the right and left sides of the forehead and on the top of the scalp.

What Are the Advantages of Long Hair Transplant?

Long hair transplant has many advantages compared to other techniques. You can observe density and change in hair right after the operation. Therefore, it creates a fast and highly positive psychological effect and satisfaction to the patient.

  • There is no need to cut your hair.
  • You will not encounter any non-aesthetic image after the operation as the hair closes the area because of its length.
  • You can immediately return to your social life.
  • There is no need to wait for a year for the lengthening process.
  • Long hair transplant method has a much lower risk of scarring.
  • It has high performance in hair density.

In our centre, we perform DHI hair transplant for those who do not want to cut their hair before the operation. As esteGrande, we offer a hundred per cent patient satisfaction for long hair transplant procedures.

During and After the Long Hair Transplant Procedure

In this method, the specialist selects the healthiest hair follicles, removes them carefully, and places them in the target considering the natural hair growth direction. The number of grafts transplanted per session is between 500 to 1,000. Therefore, it takes more time and costs more than other transplant procedures. 

We see the results immediately after the operation. This situation is very satisfying for both doctors and patients. However, there is one point to be aware of. Working with long hair requires a lot of precision. We do manual hair removal in our long hair transplant operations. With the manual operation, we can work more meticulously and protect hair follicles. In the long hair transplant technique, it is very important to choose the healthiest hair follicles and remove them without damaging the grafts.

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