People may encounter major hair problems at some point in their lives. The problems that may occur on our hair depend on several factors, such as the following:

  • Total number of terminal hairs
  • Average duration of the hair’s life cycle
  • Genetic characteristics
  • Our metabolic properties
  • Physical effects and products

You may experience major hair problems regardless of gender. Hormonal imbalances, excessive sweating, lack of hygiene, improper care, allergies, emotional intensity, stress, excessive sugar, excessive cosmetic use, and frequent change of hair colour may affect the condition of the hair.

Here you can find a list of major hair problems and treatment solutions.

Genetic and Seasonal Hair Loss

Although this problem increases, especially during specific seasons, it is a problem that can be encountered in every season. When you wash and rinse your hair with Sardinia soap, you can massage your scalp with your fingertips. This will accelerate the blood circulation and strengthen your hair follicles.

Male pattern hair loss is the most common hair loss type for men. The increase of DHT in the body causes this problem. You can change your diet or use DHT-decreasing medicines to overcome this problem.

Male pattern hair loss, a special type of shedding, can also be seen in women. It begins with the thinning of the hair strands and may lead to partial hair loss. The hair transplant operation is a permanent solution to treat this type of hair loss.

Hair Loss due to External Factors

There are some external factors that affect our hair adversely. You can treat this type of hair loss with a good hair-care routine and natural products.

1. Moisture 

Hair may lose moisture due to heat and sun in the summer and cold in the winter. It is essential to use cream and oil to prevent hair from losing much moisture. In winter, shea butter is more beneficial for hair than coconut oil. You can use masks and creams to prevent moisture loss.

2. Dandruff

The problem of dandruff is caused by the decrease in moisture in the hair. Dandruff problem can be solved by moisturizing your hair. Especially the shampoo you choose can cause your scalp to dry. Therefore, you should select your shampoo well. Besides that, make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly after the shower.

It is only possible to control dandruff problem; it is not possible to completely eliminate it. It can be controlled only by the use of medicines to be recommended in parallel with the treatment process. These treatments are the healthiest and practical steps to normalize worn and oily scalp.

3. Electrification

Using synthetic materials, as well as textile products such as wool and cotton, can cause hair to become more electrified. If you want your hair not to get electrified, you can use a silk scarf. Also, you can take advantage of satin fabrics. When you put silk or satin on your pillow, you will ensure that your hair gets less likely to be electrified.

4. Hair Breakage

Lifeless and weak hair is more prone to breakage. Especially if it has a dry structure, it begins to bifurcate at the ends. We recommend you apply argan oil to your hair ends so that your hair does not break. Dry hair will break more quickly as it loses its elasticity.

There are specific products for the treatment of damaged hair. However, the response time of these products may vary, and they may not be beneficial. Therefore, if you observe an unusual condition related to hair wear, consulting a doctor can save time for the repair process.

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