Male Pattern Baldness Cure, Male pattern baldness affects around 50 million men in the United States. The hair loss would be apparent with a receding hairline that starts at both temples and forms an “M” shape pattern. Hair thinning is also observed at the crown and could lead to partial or total baldness. 

This condition is said to be hereditary in nature and connected to the male sex hormones. Hair loss can happen as early as the adolescent period and progress thereon. It’s considered a common condition that affects around two-thirds of men in their 30’s and 85% of men in their 50’s.

Male Pattern Baldness Cure – Managing Hair Loss In Men

Many people are now wondering whether there is a magic pill or remedy for male pattern baldness. However, there is no real cure yet for this condition. Male pattern baldness can be managed or minimized with the use of these FDA-approved medications – Minoxidil and Finasteride. Dutasteride is also one other medication (pending approval of the US FDA) that can also effectively manage male pattern baldness.

Before using any of these medications, you must consult an expert. Here, in our facility, you will be able to find the best solution for your problems. 


There might not be any noticeable changes with the use of this drug for about 3 months. The results would usually be obvious by six months or so after continuously using the treatment. Patience is indeed a virtue with using this treatment as you won’t get to see the results right away. This is said to induce anagen phase in your hair follicles which stimulates hair growth.


This drug is actually prescribed for the treatment of enlarged prostate glands. However, during the development phase of the drug, it was discovered its side effect is hair growth. Finasteride intake is able to reduce DHT levels by 60%. Hair growth is manifested and lasts while you are on the drug. The effect wears off once you stop using Finasteride.


Similar to Finasteride, this treatment is also meant to be used for the treatment of enlarged prostate glands. It’s not yet FDA-approved, but this is now being prescribed by many physicians in the treatment of male pattern baldness. It has the same hair growth effects as that of Finasteride but produces better results. This drug inhibits both types I and II 5-alpha reductase, which doubles its hair growth potency. This is said to decrease the risk of damage to the hair follicles. The drug is highly effective when taken daily and consistently as you start shedding your hair once you stop the treatment.

Experiencing male pattern baldness is said to be a normal phase of ageing. However, there are a lot of younger men in their 30’s that are already experiencing this hair dilemma. Finding the cure for male pattern baldness might be a frustrating part of the hair loss hurdle because there seem to be just temporary solutions or quick fixes that do not completely solve the problem.

Hair loss in men can be downright traumatic, especially because there is still some stigma associated with it in societies. However, the use of the above treatments can help you effectively manage male pattern baldness so you can bounce back and regain your confidence.

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