What Causes Hair Static And 7 Ways To Fight It

What Causes Hair Static And 7 Ways To Fight It, If you have been experiencing stiff or flyaway hair, then you would know what hair static means. Your hair becomes static when it comes in contact with a negatively charged object.

What Causes Hair Static And 7 Ways To Fight It

Your hair is actually negatively charged so if you put on a hat or cap on, the electrons would charge or build up underneath. However, once you take your cap off, the negative electrons in your hair would automatically transfer to the cap. This leaves your hair positively charged.

Your hair would be in shock and looks stiff or lifted up. It clearly works just like a magnet. Many hair products are now designed to be positively charged to reduce hair static.

Hair Science isn’t Rocket Science – Dealing with Hair Static

It’s not rocket science to fight off hair static. For instance, all the products you would need may already be found at home. Certainly, using hair care products that can provide a positive charge to your hair would greatly help prevent hair static.

These hair care products or treatments should have abundant amino acids that are positively charged. Additionally, these hair care products prevent the robust buildup of static electricity on your hair.

Use a Metal Comb

Plastic combs are not advisable for daily use because it increases static electricity on your hair and causes frizz and flyaways. Using metal combs would help eradicate electrical charges on your hair and transfers those to the metal comb which fights off hair static instantly.

Use Moisturizing Conditioners

Use moisturizing conditioners rich in butter or oils to help keep your hair velvety smooth. Also, conditioners retain moisture in your hair and prevent extreme dryness.

Use Blow-Dryers

Using blow-dryers helps diffuse the positively-charged water particles and create a smooth finish. Altogether, this prevents hair static from happening.

Use Natural Fibers for Headwear or Hair Accessories

Choose hair accessories that are made of cotton, silk, and wool to avoid hair static. Hair accessories that are made of synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon would more likely cause hair static.

Use Hair Masks

Use deep-conditioning like hair masks once a week to retain moisture on your hair and avoid extreme dryness. You can try out coconut hair masks or avocado hair masks. 

Put Water on Your Hair

Try wetting your fingertips to smoothen out your hair because this tames the frizz and hair static right away.

Use Facial Moisturizer for Your Hair

Your favourite facial moisturizer would come handy as a quick fix for frizzy hair. Apply facial moisturizer on hair strands or at the hair tips to add on positive charges. Certainly, this keeps your hair smooth all over.

Having frizzy and static hair can be very stressful and frustrating because your crowning glory becomes a pitiful sight. Taming your hair strands is easy with the above tips to restore your hair’s lost glory. esteGrande Instagram

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