Matt Goss Hair Transplant, Matt Goss and his twin brother Luke Goss were both members of the band Bros during the 1980s. Matt was the lead singer and his brother, Luke, was the drummer. They had several hits for several years until the band separated. Matt went on a solo career. He had few tunes that have been popular with the crowd. In June of 2010, he signed a three-year contract with Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, to perform there several times a week. And until now, he had been continuing to create more hits.

Matt Goss had Women Swooning Over him in Loose Women

Matt created quite a stir when he was invited as a guest to the British TV show, Loose Women. His fans, both young and old, were surprised at how younger he seems to look for his age. 

Overwhelmed fans tweeted on how good he looks. These tweets instantaneously flooded the social media platform. 

There were some people who bashed him, though. They said he was obviously wearing a hairpiece to cover up his receding hairline.

Did Matt Goss Really have a Receding Hairline?

His twin brother, Luke, has a receding hairline. Luke decided just to shave it off and go with a buzz cut hairstyle. But, that doesn’t automatically mean Matt will have a receding hairline too.

Matt Goss and Victoria Beckham have been friends for quite some time now. Victoria was even teasing him about his hair. She told me just to crop it, said the former Bros lead vocalist. Apparently, Victoria seems to notice his receding hairline. Matt just laughs it off, saying it was just a personal farce between the two of them.

Has Matt had a Hair Transplant?

His hair appeared fuller when he was on the show. People noticed the swift transformation and have been speculating about it.

So, did he have a hair transplant done?

Matt never said a word about the issue. He seemed clammed up about the hair transplant controversy. 

For now, people would just have to continue guessing about it.

By the looks of it, Matt is a perfect candidate for a hair transplant. Yes, he does sport a full hair. But, his forehead is more prominent than it should normally be. Matt’s hairline receded a bit. 

What is a Hair Transplant? Is it Safe?

Hair loss can affect anyone at some time in their life. There are many remedies, treatments, and medications that could hamper the onset of hair. But, deciding to go with a hair transplant is very vital since it has permanent effects. A hair transplant is a process of extracting a healthy follicle and transferring it to the bald area. 

Our centre is equipped with up to date equipment, as well as qualified and experienced doctors and surgeons. So, yes, it is safe. We would recommend that you go for the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, though. It is far more advanced and more efficient than the methods previously used by experts in the industry. 

We offer affordable hair transplant packages for your hair loss treatment. It is packaged with your accommodation and transportation while you’re in Istanbul. For more information, please do contact our friendly staff at the institution and they’ll be happy to address your concerns.

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