Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant

Risks and Side Effects of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Because of the genetic structure, some men may not have any hair above their upper lips. On the other hand, there might be a loss of moustache due to various reasons. Some of them are Loss Ringworm disease, moustache sores, moustache habit (Frequent repetition of movements) and Psoriasis (a disease that damages moustache and beard roots). For these reasons, scientist came up with a moustache transplant.

Generally, 24 years and older men who complain about the shape and density of their moustache prefer moustache transplant. Moustache transplantation treatment is to process of planting hair follicles to the upper lip area. In this process, the FUE method is the best option to perform surgery. With this method, hair surgeons apply local anaesthesia and painless microsurgery. The operation usually lasts for 2-3 hours. You won’t feel any pain during the operation.


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With FUE, doctors can transplant the hair follicles

Smoothly into the skin layer of the patient. The best advantage of this operation is that the patient can decide the amount of the hair. The operation continues with micro motor tools that can plant up to 0.7 mm. If there are sparse areas about 4 months after the first transplant, a new operation is possible. Since this planting is quite difficult and requires fineness, you should consult an expert on hair surgery. Otherwise, the transplant may give negative results.

Before and during the process

The first step of moustache transplant should be the selection of centre and planning the operation. This is a micro-surgical procedure, and experienced doctors should perform this in a hospital setting. You should pay attention to this issue when finding a place to transplant moustache.

How does the operation process?

In order to prevent pain, doctors apply local anaesthesia only to the upper lip region before the operation. The donor site is usually the neck region. However, arm and leg hairs are also suitable for the transplant. Therefore donor site may vary.

The recovery period after operation is 10 days most of the time

During this time, the hair roots first crust. These crusts begin to shed slowly with the first wash on the 3rd day, and the hair follicles heal.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Beard Transplant

First results start showing at around 3 months mark, but final results usually require a year and a half.

Crusting is a normal part of the process; you can do light massages to remove it after the first week. Just remember not to use your nails or any sharp object, your fingertips are just enough for this job.

Yes, this is a fairly common scenario; many patients with mild hair loss also get hair transplantations. Talk about two birds with one stone.

Depending on the number of grafts targeted it may range from 4 hours if it only includes beard transplantation to 8 hours if it also includes hair transplantation

Recovery usually takes 3-5 days, this much will be enough to return to work, if it is not a physically burdening job of course.

Local anaesthetics are often sufficient for most people. If you wish, you can opt-in for sedation during your operation.