Neograft hair transplant, More and more men and women experience hair loss day by day. They prefer different treatment techniques and methods to solve this problem. On the other hand, the development of technology and improvements in aesthetic procedures have led to various studies. One of the latest products of these studies is the neograft hair transplant. In this technique, you will experience a comfortable and successful operation as the FUE method accompanies it to ensure flawless results. It minimizes scarring in surgical procedures.

The technique has started to become a popular one thanks to its impressive results. As it uses the FUE technique, the healing time and procedure are much more painless and comfortable. Instead of carving the back of the scalp, doctors can now collect hair grafts in groups of four. Therefore, this method leaves extremely minor scars that will heal in a short time. However, after collecting the follicles, the placement stage begins. Doctors place the grafts one by one with micromotors. 

As there are no major scars, patients can leave the facility whenever they want. You should follow the recommendations of your doctor for a healthier healing period. The first wash is crucial after the procedure as the follicles do not hold on to the scalp immediately. Even after three days, you will not experience any pain. About one year after the operation, you can observe the ultimate results. Consequently, neograft hair transplant is one of the best methods to restore your hair. 

Differences between Traditional Hair Transplant and Neograft Hair Transplant

Neograft hair transplant is similar to traditional methods in some ways. However, there are significant differences that make this technique more preferred. Here you can find a list of differences between these techniques.

  • Unlike the traditional methods, neograft hair transplant does not damage the target area. It leaves minimal scars on the scalp.
  • Neograft hair transplant offers a relatively short recovery time as the procedure is less invasive than traditional techniques. Therefore, you can return to your daily life as quickly as possible.
  • You feel more comfortable with neograft hair transplant as the procedure does not include long incisions contrary to classical methods.
  • Neograft hair transplant has more successful results in terms of determining hairline and maintaining a natural look.
  • The method is becoming more affordable, considering the benefits and advantages of it. It is more successful than other methods, although there is not a huge price difference between classical methods and neograft hair transplant.

Given these points, it is clear that the neograft hair transplant is a better method in many ways. If you are planning on having a hair transplant, neograft is the best option for you. Experienced and capable hands can increase the success rate by up to 100 per cent. We offer neograft hair transplant with affordable prices and successful results. Our aim is customer satisfaction with our experienced team.

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