New Development in Hair Loss Medications for Women

New Development in Hair Loss Medications for Women, At last, we are about to have a breakthrough in the field of hair loss treatment medication. A Chinese pharmaceutical company is working on a medication that targets androgen receptors. The name of the medication is KX-826, and the administration method is topical (meaning directly on the skin).

New Development in Hair Loss Medications for Women

The working mechanism of this medication has to do with the notorious DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone. When left unchecked, this hormone cuts down the blood supply to the hair follicles and kills them. Reactivity of follicles to DHT is the leading cause of hair loss among both men and women. KX-826 works by interfering with DHT’s effects on the hair follicles. 

Men who experience hair loss due to DHT sensitivity often keep a good portion of their hair at the back of their scalp though this is often not the case for women. While men who experience hair loss see a regression of their hairline, women experience what we call a “diffuse” hair loss. Meaning, women do not experience regression, rather they lose hair homogeneously from all around their scalp.

Current Treatment Norms for Female Pattern Hair Loss

Currently, oral intake finasteride is the most popular prescription for female pattern hair loss. Finasteride works by keeping the body from producing DHT. The problem is, DHT is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body and blocking its formation sometimes leads to complications.

KX-826, on the other hand, does not keep the body from producing DHT hormone at all. The amount of DHT inside the body stays the same. This alone deems KX-826 a safer alternative to finasteride for women. Altering the levels of DHT in our body may lead to the disruption of other hormones. Such hormonal fluctuations pose the risk of causing a wide array of complications. Also, since DHT is an androgenetic (gender-related) hormone, these fluctuations often lead to problems in women’s reproductive system.

Where Does KX-826 Currently Sit Among the Scientific Community

As per usual with all experimental drugs, KX-826 is in the trial phase now. As of now, the first phase of trials has been completed In the United States of America, and China. We expect the second phase to commence soon.

The medical community is quite hyped for the approval of this medication by authorities. The last time major pharmaceutical administrators approved medication for hair loss treatment was way back in 1997. As you can guess, this medication we are talking about is the DHT blocking agent finasteride. esteGrande Instagram

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