New Hair Transplant Procedures in 2020

New Hair Transplant Procedures in 2020, To prevent baldness, researchers and scientists carry out a lot of work in medical laboratories all around the world. They came up with effective and futuristic solutions to treat hair loss permanently. Although some of them seem impossible, we will see these methods and techniques in 2020.

Follicular Regeneration Method

Two major Japanese companies came together to work on regenerative baldness treatment. Companies expect this method to become commercially available in 2020. Japan is not the only country in the field of regenerative treatment. Some organizations in Europe also invest in this field to regenerate hair follicles. Most of the companies think the cost of treatment will be around a thousand euros.

Hair follicles are the cells and tissues in the roots of our hair that provide the necessary nutrition to the hair. They are the only organ outside the skin that we know to regenerate itself repeatedly after birth through stem cells attached to it. A hair follicle can grow for 3 to 7 years. The follicle then goes to sleep and sheds hair. Within a few months, it wakes up and starts this cycle again.

Research has shown that in mice, they can regenerate body parts such as teeth, some secretory glands and hair follicles by the primordium method. The most important component here is stem cells. Scientists use follicular regenerating medication to remove small parts of the patient’s scalp, where the active stem cells in the follicles are in a different place. Then they increase the number and size of these stem cells. Following the transformation of these cells into follicles, they insert the produced follicles into the patient’s scalp.

This method requires effective bioengineering skills and devices to function effectively. Electronics and ceramics manufacturer Kyocera will use its knowledge and experience in the field of artificial production to produce the necessary equipment for this process. Baldness will become history if they can successfully perform the process.

3D Hair Transplant

3D Hair Transplantation is a procedure which includes calculating the facial features of the person and determining the forehead line. Specialist transfer these feature to the computer environment. The face and forehead calculation on the computer determines the most suitable forehead line. Patients who prefer to use this method are more than satisfied with the results.

3D Printed Hair

Do you remember the hair of the animated characters in some animations and computer games? Like hair, but not exactly, it doesn’t swing in the wind, but it moves in a block. The old gamers will remember. 

Although the structure of the hair is one of the clearest things in nature, producing them artificially and designing artificial hair has been far beyond our technology. In 2020 you can have digitally designed and 3D printed hair.

MIT researchers are doing their hair printing programs right now. Scientists can create super-fine surface texture. The printed hair in 3D is at 50-micron resolution. This may begin to replace real hair or may find many other application areas. Fashion will undoubtedly embrace the idea of 3D printed hair and the potential creative applications that come with it.

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