Nicolas Cage Hair Transplant, Actor and filmmaker Nicolas Cage has been one of the most iconic faces coming out of American cinema. 

Moviegoers and critics alike have called Cage a versatile genius of an actor or a complete hack many times over during his career. His range, however, is unquestionable.

Cage has been a megastar for more than three decades now, audiences throughout the years notice not only his talent but also his hair. 

As the years roll by since his debut, Cage’s hairline appearance has been a rollercoaster. First, it looks receding, then fuller, then receding but a bit thicker, and then fuller again.

Known for once playing a criminal who swaps faces with an FBI agent through surgery, once can’t help but wonder if he had some work done in real life. Due to the mysterious nature of his hairline’s many transformations, rumours of a Nicolas Cage hair transplant are well justified.

Hair Before and Now

The mysterious ability of Nicolas Cage’s hairline to shift time and again is well documented through his vast filmography.

Starting in 1983’s ‘Valley Girl’, Cage sported glorious golden locks he could style in whichever way he wanted.

It was not until 1989’s ‘Time to Kill’ that the classic’M’ shape of male pattern baldness appeared with a distinctive island of hair at the centre.

Fast forward to 1995’s ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ and there you can see Cage’s hairline at his most natural. As part of his acclaimed turn as a suicidal alcoholic, Cage had to look as dishevelled as possible. Without any product on, his natural hair revealed a further receding hairline with the iconic lone island in front.

His hairline further receded in the following years until 2004’s ‘National Treasure’ movie came out. In it, you could see it fuller and revitalized like he’s acting as a leading man thanks to that movie. That must have an explanation

Nicolas Cage Hair Transplant: has he had one?

Most people would say that it is unlikely he had one. Pictures of Cage as recent as 2017 show the receding hairline and lonely island spot of hair are back on their usual place and looking even thinner. 

It is unlikely that Nicolas Cage had an air transplant in the past since it wouldn’t have left such poor results later on.

Rather, Cage’s changing hairline was probably based on hair fibre and similar products to make it look thicker. It is a shame since a Nicolas Cage hair transplant would have worked beautifully thanks to his donor’s hair still looking thick even at his age.

Hair Loss in Men

What we call hair loss is the work of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Thanks to certain genes that we can inherit from either of our parents, we become rather sensitive to it. 

Once produced, DHT causes the hair follicles on the scalp to shrink progressively until they grow no more. This is the actual cause of baldness.

Hair Transplants, The Cure for Baldness

Since hair follicles shrunk will grow no longer, the only option is to get new ones that will. This is precisely what an FUE hair transplant does.

An FUE hair transplant repopulates your balding area by extraction hair follicles from the back of your scalp. Our surgeon then grafts them in the desired spot via microincisions. The results will follow your hair’s natural growth pattern and blend seamlessly. 

Our skilled surgeons perform high-quality hair transplants for affordable prices. Get in touch with us if you are looking to get back a hairline as Mr Cage had in his early days.

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