Nonsurgical Hair Transplant, using toupee, hairpiece, or wig, or most recently, hair system—is a type of noninvasive hair restoration method.

Nonsurgical Hair Transplant

There are different shapes, types, lengths, and colours of hair systems that suit different needs nowadays. Let’s delve into the details of this method of hair restoration together. Now we will look at how it compares to regular hair transplantation in different aspects.

The Hair System Is a Noninvasive Implementation

It means that there are no incisions or punches on your skin in this procedure. The doctors perform everything above the skin, and the skin stays intact throughout. Though hair transplantation is, by definition, an invasive procedure, the new extraction method FUE has minimised this invasiveness. In FUE transplantation, we create holes usually smaller than a millimetre (in general, it is 0.6 mm or 0.9 mm).

You Get Results Immediately

In hair transplantation, you will have to wait about six to twelve months to start seeing some results. But after you get a hair system, you get to see the results right away. Still, you will have to renew your hair systems every six to twelve months, provided that you use it as instructed. Renewal may be necessary after three months if you rough it up quickly.

Hair System Is Surely Cheaper Than Hair Transplantation

Getting a hair system is quite affordable compared to a hair transplantation operation, at least initially. For a fraction of the price of transplantation, you can get a full head of hair again. Yet you will need to renew it every once in a while. So if you consistently use it, the price difference turns the other way around.

There Is No Risk of Side Effects

Apart from very rare allergic reactions to the materials in the hair system, nobody gets any other side effects from using a hair system.

That being said, modern hair transplantation methods lower the risk of complications to a minimum as well. Also, transplantations are autologous (meaning from one’s own body) procedures, so they pose no risk of allergies.

You Can Revert Back to Your Original Looks

As we said, a noninvasive procedure puts hair systems into practice. So you are able to remove them and remove them for good if you wish to. But there’s no turning back from botched hair transplantation, apart from another hair transplantation. Provided that you have a donor area healthy enough for a second operation. Of course, you can avoid this by getting a safe, professional facility to do your transplantation.

People Can Sometimes See Through Hair Systems

Even though the technology behind hair systems have improved through the years, there is still a risk of discovery.

After all, it is an external thing, not directly connected to your body. Knowing that you are wearing a wig may cause some anxiety in social situations. Hair from hair transplantation, on the other hand, looks just as natural as your existing hair. Well, because it is your own hair, we are talking about here. esteGrande Instagram 

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