Orange for Hair Loss, There are so many different products to treat hair loss, all claiming to be the real solution to it. There are so many suggestions that you just don’t know which to choose anymore. 

The thing is, you rarely need to buy hair products because all their benefits are present in natural sources. Using orange for hair loss is one of the best natural options.

The Benefits of an Orange for Hair Loss

Orange is not only the quintessential source of vitamin C., but it also contains the minerals beta-carotene, magnesium, and vitamin B-6 among other compounds that strengthen the hair.

Its contents make it an ideal natural source of nutrition from which our hairs might greatly benefit from if properly applied. Drinking orange juice can, of course, contribute to hair health, but there’s also much more you can do with it.

Uses of Orange for Hair Loss

There are many creative ways that effectively deliver the orange’s nutrients to your hair directly.

Natural Conditioner

Oranges can make a fantastic conditioner for your hair. You can do it yourself at home by mixing equal amounts of orange juice, honey, and water. Then apply the mix onto your hair and leave it on. Rinse it after fifteen minutes.

Besides looking shiny afterwards, your hair just got nourished directly by all those minerals.

Eliminates Dandruff

Dandruff by itself does not cause hair loss, but it does often cause an itch, which leads to scratching that, in turn, might lead to pulling the hair. Also, it looks off-putting, so better get rid of it. 

The peel of a just-peeled orange can do this easily for you. Gently rub its juicy part on your scalp after washing it. And poof…dandruff gone.

Orange Hair Mask

If you are looking for a deep conditioner to repair damaged hair, don’t get to the hair product aisle immediately; orange can do just that. 

Take the peel of the orange and put it on the blender until it is a seamless paste, then apply that paste to your hair and scalp, especially in the roots. Leave it on for one or two hours before rinsing it out, revealing a rejuvenated mane. Use it once a week to repair damaged hair.

Hair Transplant

After saying all the benefits of orange for hair loss, it is important to note that it cannot help you regrow hair already lost due to baldness.

When balding, a hormone in our bodies called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) makes the hair follicles shrink until they grow no more. Hence, no amount of essential nutrients from oranges will help.

In such cases, an FUE hair transplant procedure is the solution for putting hair back on your scalp.

In it, our surgeon excises healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp. They then graft those in the balding area through microincisions. The new hair will blend in seamlessly since our surgeon makes sure that the graft follows the growth direction of your original hair. 

Once they are in place and start growing, you can supply as many orange nutrients to them as you like to have it grow strong and shiny.

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