Paul McGinley is a legend of modern European golf in his own right. Famous in the sport for in 2002 having holed a ten-foot putt on the 18th hole during a match against Jim Furyk at The Belfry golf course. The feat won him the Ryder cup of Europe that year.

At Gleneagles in Scotland, he made history as the first Irish named Captain to head up the European Ryder Cup team in the year, which was an enormous source of pride for Irish golf enthusiasts.

McGinley describes that his success in the sport of golf has been due to his background at the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). He credits his admiration for the strategies and team loyalty displayed there for inspiring as an athlete.

Paul McGinley certainly knows how to shoot the ball far around the track. Can he prevent his hair from falling far from his head, though? Of course not, but he appears to have gotten new ones.

Paul McGinley Hair Before and After

Since appearing in the public eye, Paul McGinley already showed signs of male pattern baldness with his receding hairline. The situation predictively advanced year after year as the photos after official matches can attest to. This trend continued unimpeded until the year 2017.

It was not until mid-2018 that people could tell something changed. Paul McGinley now had a mysteriously thicker head of hair miraculously appear where there were only thin patches before. And the hair only grew thicker the following year, enough to even swept it elegantly at the side. The rumour mill about a possible Paul McGinley hair transplant went into overdrive soon.

Paul McGinley Hair Transplant: Has He Had One?

So, that miraculous revival of an almost certainly gone hairline begs the question. Did the Paul McGinley hair transplant actually happen?

By his own admission, of course, it did, and it was certainly for the best. Paul McGinley commented that it was due to the fact that he now is more involved as an ambassador for the sport that he went through with it. He wanted to look good for the cameras, and on the screen, while representing and promoting the sports discipline, he dedicated his life to.

When of the experience, he reflected: “If there was one thing I would have done differently, I would have had it done at a younger age when I started to lose my hair.”

“I know the importance of how you look, projecting a good image. If you have that opportunity to have a fuller head of hair, why not take it? I’m really thrilled that I’ve made that decision” he explained. 

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