Permanent Hair Restoration In Europe

Permanent Hair Restoration In Europe, Today, hair loss is the aesthetic problem that men struggle the most. However, this problem is also common in women who experience hair thinning and hair loss. Therefore, hair transplant operations have become widespread in Europe recently. Turkey is the leading country for lots of hair transplant and restoration applications.

Permanent Hair Restoration In Europe

Every year a hundreds of thousand tourists visit Turkey for aesthetic purposes, including those who prefer hair transplant operations. Now you can find treatment for hair loss in Turkey, which is one of the biggest problems of men and women. Quality of hair transplantation in Turkey ranks first in Europe. There is a strong demand from all over the world for Turkey and especially Istanbul.

Many people in different countries prefer Turkey for hair loss treatment. Medical operations in the capable hands of Turkish doctors with the latest methods contribute to the health and the pocket of foreign tourists. 

Various European countries, which have changed their health policies due to the economic conjuncture in Europe, have taken aesthetic operations out of the insurance coverage. Therefore, many people who live in Europe came to Turkey for health tourism, which consists of visiting hair transplant centres and incredible vacations. 

More than 200 private hospitals and centres in Istanbul provide services in the field of health tourism. As esteGrande, we are glad to see foreign patients from different parts of the world. With our experienced team and expert staff, you can get impressive results after hair transplant restoration procedures.

Hair Transplant Techniques in Turkey

There are two primary techniques in hair transplant in our country. These are DHI and FUE methods. In a standard hair transplant procedure,  between 1500-3000 grafts are placed into the individual channels on the scalp. However, there are some differences between these recent techniques of hair transplant.

During the DHI operation, the grafts are immediately placed into the scalp, right after the collection. The FUE method also takes place during the DHI application. In DHI hair transplant, channel opening and placement of the grafts happen simultaneously with the help of Choii pens.

During all these procedures, patients are usually under local anaesthesia. Sometimes sedation can be necessary depending on the condition of the patient. The process may take up to 6-8 hours depending on the size of the target area.

Although we accept that the main reason is genetic factors in male pattern hair loss, especially anaemia, some vitamin deficiencies and dermatological diseases of the scalp can cause hair loss. Therefore, planning the treatment process with surgeons together is highly crucial for better results. 

Before considering hair transplantation, especially those with atypical hair loss should ask for an analysis and examination for the exact cause of hair loss. Then, more healthy treatment can be possible.

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