Best Fue & Dhi Hair Transplant Service in Turkey


Turkish women describe the ideal man with this phrase: “ Belly is the balcony of men.”

Turkish men describe the ideal woman as: “ A pound of flesh covers a thousand of shame.”

Perhaps, these phrases are invented to cheer up people. To be honest, we all dream of a tight and smooth abdomen. The hard part is that, no matter how much weight we lose, abdomen (belly) does not want to leave us. It is like a darling which does not want to break up.

Let’s divorce it !

The excessive tissue and skin will be easily taken out and when you open your eyes after the surgery, you will see that you do not have it any more!

The surgery will take around 2 hours.

You will need to stay in Istanbul for 6 nights. 1 night in hospital and 5 nights in hotel.