Best Fue & Dhi Hair Transplant Service in Turkey


When you take selfies, why is your mouth always closed? Yes, we know the reason.

We are sure that you will get more likes with your new Hollywood smile!

Dental implants, lamina porcelains, porcelain fillers are frequetly used techniques in dental esthetics. Dental Implants Dental implants are fake tooth roots created from titanium. If you have one or a couple of missing teeth, implants are placed without giving harm to the teeth nearby. You need to wait 3 months in order for the implants to unite with the jawbone. Then, teeth are designed and placed. This process will take 3-10 days.

Lamina Porcelains and Porcelain Filler Is dental esthetic possible in one session?

Yes, lamina porcelains and porcelain fillers can be applied in one session. You will see the 3D version of your new smile on digital screen before the operation. You do not have to plan a long visit to Istanbul for dental esthetics. Only 1 day is generally enough to reach your new Hollywood smile.

Tooth Bleaching (Teeth Whitening) Are you smoking or drinking too many cups of tea/ coffe? If yes, most probably, you need whiter teeth, right?

It is an easy operation which has no risk. You can have 2-3 tones whiter teeth after the operation.