Best Fue & Dhi Hair Transplant Service in Turkey




Hair loss is a result of genetics, stress, environmental pollution, quality of water or wrong nutrition. Genetically, the hair on the donor area of human (the area up to your neck and between two ears) is permanent.Donor are hair never falls down.

Hair transplantation is a serious surgery, moving the donor area hair grafts onto the bald areas at the front, top and back of head.

Hair transplantation must be done in hygenic hospitals to prevent all the risks and it should be operated by very experienced medical teams to avoid unnatural and unsuccessful results.

We only use FUE (Follecular Unit Extraction) method while collecting the grafts. So, there is no pain (local anesthesia is applied) and there is no cut on the skin of the head just like the old FUT method. If your hair is suitable, we can transplant your hair WITHOUT SHAVE.


Many medical teams use razor blades while opening the holes onto which the hair grafts will be inserted. If you cut the skin with razor, the wound heals slow and the result is bloody. We do not use razor. We use special sapphire tools which are very tiny.

The benefits are:

- We can open micro holes, so that more grafts can be inserted, so you will have more dense hair rather than usual FUE hair transplant.
- The wounds heal in a short time, so that you can get back to work and life very quick.
- No pain and no bloody look
- Very natural results


DHI means “Direct Hair Implant”. A special pen called Choii Pen is used while transplanting the grafts. The grafts are inserted one by one by inside the choii implanter pen by the medical team and the doctor clicks on the top of the pen. This way, the holes are opened and the grafts are inserted onto the holes at the same time.

The benefits are:

- Very practical process because of the hole opening and graft inserting are done at the same time
- Very natural looking result because of the practical usage of the choii implanter pen which enables to find the right angle of the hair while inserting it
- Very dense hair can be transplanted
- No damage on the head
- Very quick recovery time because of the easy “one- click” opening of the holes with a tiny pen.

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