Best Fue & Dhi Hair Transplant Service in Turkey


In Turkish culture, the most ideal woman is defined as “A little bit overweight.” We do not know how your culture defines the ideal woman or man, but we are sure that nobody wants to see fat while looking into mirror.

Lipo means “fat” and liposuction means “taking out the fat.”

We use the latest vaser liposuction method in which sound waves are used to take out the fat. The recovery time is very quick, because sound waves do not harm the tissue just like usual liposuction and the results are perfect.

There is a misunderstanding that liposuction surgery is for losing fat. No, this is completely wrong. Liposuction is a surgery to reshape the body. The fat vacuumed out is calculated according to the metabolism of the patient, so the doctor must be very careful while deciding about the amount of fat to be taken out in order not to harm the patient’s health.

The most popular liposuction areas are belly, waist, underpart of the chin, hips, upper and inside part of the legs, arms, ankles and thighs both for females and males.

After birth, the ideal time to make liposuction is 1 year after the birth and this operation has no obstacle for new pregnancies.
The surgery will take around 1,5-2 hours.

You will need to stay in Istanbul for 6 nights. 1 night in hospital and 5 nights in hotel.