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Nose Esthetic (Rhinoplasty)

Nose esthetic is the most popular esthetic surgery all around the World, because a good surgery can change your whole face in a very positive way.

We use PIEZO SURGERY TECHNIQUE. It is a speacial technique developed by Italian surgeons in 1980s. The bones inside the nose are shaped by sound waves.

The benefits are:
- The wounds are very tiny, so after the surgery, patients do not look as if they had a car accident
- The healing time is very quick
- The results are very good since the shaping with this technique is very practical

Only a couple of hospitals and doctors can use this technique in Istanbul. Our plastic surgeons have more than 15 years of experience and they will use the best method for you.

You only need to stay in Istanbul for 6 nights. 1 night in hospital and 5 nights in the hotel. Our doctor will make your last check on the 6th day and then you can fly back. estegrande will organize and control every single step of your visit and surgery. Even after the surgery, your estegrande patient representative will be by your side 7/24.