Raymond van Barneveld Hair Transplant

Raymond van Barneveld Hair Transplant, Retired professional darts player, Raymond van Barneveld, has been throwing them since he was 17.

He is known for his accuracy at the dartboard, and for the lively public persona, he displays outside competitions.

His particular skills are notable since he is naturally left-handed but throws exclusively with his right hand.

Dart-throwing aficionados aside, Raymond has found himself another audience recently: Hair transplant aficionados.

Raymond van Barneveld hair transplant has been regularly discussed regarding its results.

Before and After of His Hair

Raymond van Barneveld has been sporting a balding head for quite some time now, and he does so now as well.

Since his shot at prominence at dart throwing, Raymond van Barneveld was first spotted with hair around 1998. At the time he presented a very receded hairline showing around almost a third of the top of his scalp. His sides were thinning but less so in comparison.

Raymond van Barneveld Hair Transplant: Has He Had One?

So, did Raymond van Barneveld actually have hair transplant?

He has never admitted so, but the evidence is plentiful.

Around the year 2014 fans of dart-throwing or anyone who happen to look at the back of Raymond van Barneveld’s head could spot a scar. A large, thin, straight scar, suspiciously similar to a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) scar.

A FUT procedure is a type of hair transplant. In it, the surgeon surgically extracts a strip of hair from the back of the head of the patient. The surgeon’s assistants proceed to dissect it and extract the follicular units, otherwise known as hair follicles, from it. 

The surgeon meanwhile sutures the incision from the strip and prepares to make microscopic incisions in the balding area. Thought them, the grafting of the harvested follicular units into the balding area proceeds. 

The procedure itself failed in the case of Raymond van Barneveld. The hair from the donor site was already too thin for a successful transplant. Results could have been different with his still-thick hair from 1998, making this one example of waiting too long for a hair transplant.

Hair Loss in General

As he aged, the hair on a man’s head begins to thin.

But age is not the only factor; genetics influence as well. 

Some genes make us more sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT binds itself to our hair follicles, making them shrink, which causes male pattern baldness.

Hair Transplants: The Best Solution You Can Have

To finally solve this situation, cosmetic surgeons came up with the hair transplant procedure.

It extracts healthy hair follicles off the back of the scalp and grafts them into the balding area through microscopic incisions. It allows for natural-looking results that follow your hair’s natural growth pattern.

The success of it hinges largely on the state of donor’s hair, however. The thinner it is, the less likely it is to hold, hence Raymond van Barneveld’s results.

If you detect baldness earlier and you care about your appearance, have a hair transplant before your sides become too thin.

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