Regain Your Lost Youth with a Hair Transplant

Regain Your Lost Youth with a Hair Transplant, External appearance is always significant for men and women. Even if they do not earn money professionally with their looks, it is vital to style their hair the way they want in order to be happy in their lives. However, sometimes the hair loss can ruin the overall look. This leads to an older appearance. In such a case, it is possible to regain your lost youthful looks thanks to a hair transplant.

Regain Your Lost Youth with a Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations today. Since hair is among the features that change the appearance of people, hair loss bothers people very much. Especially men have more problems with hair loss due to male pattern hair loss. Even if people want to have a hair transplant, they may be abstaining at first because they do not know the process of this application.

When hair transplant is done in a medically professional centre and by a specialist, it is highly possible that the results are successful. With proper planning in the preoperative period, a natural appearance can be obtained comfortably. In fact, the hair transplant is a serious operation as the results will affect your appearance to a great extent. Therefore, hair should look like natural hair after the procedure.

Before Hair Transplant Operation

The most crucial thing to do primarily is to choose the perfect hair transplant centre. The centre can direct the patient into impressive results. After the examination, planning should be done for hair transplant. In this analysis, doctors examine some factors, such as examining the hair quality, degree of hair loss, front hairline, etc. Analysing these well will ensure successful results after hair transplant.

The natural appearance completely depends on the planning of the hair transplant. Therefore, proper planning means that the front line is determined correctly. The front hairline is where the forehead and hair area meet. Therefore, this line needs to be adjusted symmetrically. In this way, the transplanted hair will have a natural appearance. An experienced doctor creates this line with thin hair strands. You can regain your healthy and natural hair back in capable hands.

Selection of the donor area is highly essential for the success of the results as well. The donor area is generally the back of the neck. The reason for this is that the hair in this area is resistant to male pattern hair loss. In this way, it is possible to reach the hair that does not shed after hair transplant.

DHI Method for Successful Hair Transplant

Being able to get natural results in a hair transplantation process is also related to the angle of the hair follicles. DHI method enables us to place the hair follicles at the optimum angle during the transplanting phase. The DHI method is the best option, especially for people who suffer regression of the front hairline.

In esteGrande, we offer DHI hair transplant for the perfect results. Our expert surgeons can perform DHI correctly with the latest pieces of equipment. Therefore, it is possible to regain your hair after the operation.

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