Scalp Exercises for a Successful Hair Transplant

Scalp Exercises for a Successful Hair Transplant, Hair transplant operations are becoming increasingly more popular every year. And judging by the high success rate of this procedure, it is no surprise. The hair transplant is the most efficient method for putting an end to hair loss

The procedure consists of two main steps. First, the doctors extract the hair grafts from the donor area. And then in the second step, they implant these hair grafts into the desired area on the scalp. The operation is quite simple in theory, but there are some things that you can do to increase the efficiency of the hair transplant.

Some people may have tight scalps. This is nothing to be worried about. However, when you are going to undergo a hair transplant operation, it may make the operation take more time. Because if the patient’s scalp is too tight, it will be harder to extract the needed amount of hair grafts from the donor area. As a result of this, you may need more than one session until the doctors take enough hair follicles and implant them.

Doing some basic scalp exercises before the hair transplant operation may be useful if you want to avoid multiple sessions. You should consider doing these scalp exercises if you have a tight scalp. And even if you do not have a tight scalp, the exercises are still going to be helpful. Because the doctors will be able to extract more hair follicles in a shorter amount of time, this, in turn, will significantly increase the efficiency and the success rate of the hair transplant.

How to Do Scalp Exercises before Hair Transplant

Increasing the laxity of your scalp will make the operation go smoother. Because it will be easier for the doctors to extract the hair grafts from the donor area. If you want to have the full benefits of the exercises, you should start doing them one month before the hair transplant operation. 

Performing the exercise is fairly simple. All you need to do is to put your hands on each side of your head. It is better if you put them a little near the back of your head. Then you just need to lock your hands above your head and pull your scalp upwards. You do not need to use excessive force. You can do it like a gentle massage. If you do it correctly, the laxity of your scalp is going to increase significantly, and the doctors will be able to take more grafts.

The amount of time needed for this exercise is about thirty minutes to one hour a day. And you do not need to keep doing the exercise nonstop for an hour. You can do it for ten to fifteen minutes throughout your day. So whenever you have time, you can do the exercise.

If you already had a hair transplant and you are getting ready for another one, doing the scalp exercises is not recommended within the first year after the hair transplant. Doing that right after the operation may be harmful to the donor area.

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