Secondary Hair Transplants After Further Hair Loss

Secondary Hair Transplants After Further Hair Loss , Hair transplantation is a surgical aesthetic operation which is suitable for the people who have lost their hair, regardless of the reason. The main goal of this operation is to restore the natural appearance that the person has lost. 

Hair transplant is one of the most common treatment methods against hair loss thanks to the advancement of technology. In simple words, hair transplant is the process of placing the hair follicles from the back of the neck. It is the area where there are healthy hair follicles which are resistant to male pattern hair loss. The regions where there are healthy hair follicles are the donor areas. Before hair transplant, an analysis on the donor area is essential to ensure the fruitful results.

However, the first hair transplant may go wrong due to various reasons. Furthermore, one hair transplant may not be enough for the desired results. In such cases, a second hair transplant is possible for those who are not satisfied with the first hair transplant.

Second Hair Transplant

Like all developments in the field of medicine, hair transplant methods renew themselves day by day. New techniques, new medical applications and capable surgeons go through improvement day by day. Therefore, the success rate of hair transplant increases gradually. 

Hair transplant is a wonderful opportunity for people who experience hair loss. In addition to these positive developments, sometimes, second hair transplantation can be for different reasons. Unfortunately, unsuccessful results may occur in hair transplant operations due to people who are not competent and some illegal practices. Sometimes an incorrect application, sometimes a little carelessness, and sometimes dissatisfaction may lead to the second hair transplant.

There are mainly three reasons for a second hair transplant. The first of these is the restoration and correction operations due to unsatisfactory results. The other one is the hair transplant operations which require a high number of grafts due to vast target area. Finally, the third reason is that operations which require lower graft numbers as a result of mild hair loss. Therefore, hair transplant can be repeated in the following years according to the level of shedding, in line with the conscious request of the people who continue experiencing hair loss.

How Many Times Can You Have Hair Transplant?

Multiple hair transplant operations are possible if the person does not have any disease that interferes with the operation in terms of general health conditions. However, the most critical factor is that the donor area of the person is suitable for the procedure. If the donor area is sufficient, a person can have multiple hair transplant operations. As you know, there are different donor regions apart from the nape region. For example, chest hair can be the donor for the second hair transplant if necessary. Therefore, sufficient grafts enable us to perform multiple operations.

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Dyeing Your Transplanted Hair

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