Showering After Hair Transplant, Hair transplant operations offer a healthy and comfortable postoperative period. However, there are some things you should consider for a healthier hair transplant operation. Washing your head is one of these issues that directly affect the postoperative process. First hair wash should take place in accordance with your doctor’s instructions after the procedure.

Showering After Hair Transplant

In order to remove crusting in the first week, it is highly essential to wash your scalp delicately. In the washing process, the lotion and shampoo given by the hair transplant centre should be used as recommended. Moreover, washing should be done with gentle movements with the palm and fingertips. Using nails might be harmful to your new hair follicles.

Drying after washing should be with a clean towel without rubbing. You should not use the hairdryer for a certain period as the new hair follicles may not hold onto the scalp yet. The skin surface heals entirely until the 10th day and the 15th day.

The first wash is vital for healthy hair formation as prolonged crusting delays hair growth. If the crusting lasts more than 15 days, you should consult with your surgeon. You should not swim in a pool or sea for a month to avoid possible infections. Permanent hair begins to grow from the transplanted hair follicles within four months.

Hair Wash After First Month

With the warming of the air, it is inevitable to sweat. Especially excessive sweat on the scalp can be challenging after hair transplant operations.

To get rid of this sweat and start the day fresher, especially in the summer months, you have to shower every day. It is nice to be clean for your scalp in order to recover faster. However, our scalp may not be satisfied with this situation. Washing hair every day and especially with shampoo every day means wearing out the scalp and hair.

Even the best quality of the shampoos, when used frequently, disrupt the natural moisture balance of our scalp and hair. Therefore, try to use shampoo and other cleaning products as your doctor suggests. Instead of washing with shampoo every day, it may be more appropriate to wash it with shampoo twice or three times a week.

We need to wash and clean our hair at regular intervals. The most practical option ahead is shampoo. The chemicals contained in the shampoos are harmful to our scalp and therefore, our health. If you are a fan of cleaning your hair while maintaining its health value, we recommend you use herbal, all-natural soaps. For this, especially homemade olive oil soaps, grapefruit and chamomile extract soaps might be suitable options. In this way, you will nourish your scalp and hair strands and remove your hair from dirt and oil.

To clean your hair with natural products, you can wash the hair once a week by mixing the baking soda or lemon juice. However, you should rinse your hair thoroughly.

Hair wash depends on your hair type. Although the experts state that it is harmful to wash hair every day, it will be more appropriate to use products according to your hair type and to determine the hair washing time accordingly.

Follow Your Doctor’s Order to Have a Better Solution

Here, at esteGrande, our doctors will suggest you proper shampoo to use after the operation. With their expertise and our crew’s help, you will have a flawless recovery process. 

For more information about our package-price policy and services, you can get in touch with us. At esteGrande, you will find the best solution for your hair loss problem.

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