Stages Of Hair Loss For Men, Men are not really known for being vain about their hair. Unlike women, men aren’t so overtly conscious about their physical appearance. 

Well, this might not be the case for modern men nowadays.

Men are actually more attached now to their hair or rather how their hair looks like for a good reason. 

A full head of hair can greatly accentuate the face and links to youth or vitality. Male pattern baldness can happen at any age or stage of life.

Around 9 out of 10 men have male pattern baldness. However, the taboo associated with it or even the lack of right information could hinder one from getting immediate treatment.

Understanding the Stages of Hair Loss for Men

Addressing hair loss is all about being proactive or taking action right away. This is because if you start losing a lot of your hair, you might have difficulty in growing it back. So, the key is to be aware of the signals and act now.

Stage I

Reveals slight hair loss. It isn’t obvious at this stage yet. The hairline would start to recede, but there is no balding at the crown. The thinning is evident around the temples with a very light or less visible receding hairline.

Stage II

Balding would be noticeable right at the temples. This also has moved inward, which creates an M-shaped pattern in the hairline. It is very common in men.

Stage III

This has come to the point that it becomes more obvious. The recession has grown to the point that there seems to be very little hair left in the temples. Balding spots appear at the top of the head and hair thinning has become very visible.

Stage IV

At this point, bald spots have become so visible that it would be very hard to deny male pattern baldness. The balding has become very noticeable. You will experience hair loss in the front and also at the back of your head.

Stage V

The horseshoe-shaped hairline will be more evident at this stage.

Stage VI

This is the severe stage of male pattern baldness. There is now very little hair left on the scalp.

Stage VII

This is a full-blown hair loss or male pattern baldness. If you have reached this stage, it might be really difficult to recover what’s left of your hair.

Take Action Today!

Many men find hair loss or male pattern baldness very complicated. What seemed to be a normal phase of ageing can actually leave you completely bald for the rest of your life.

Some men tend to ignore the signs or even deny it from actually happening. Some people show signs of MPB at an early age while some would get it right in the middle or later phases of their lives.

Given these stages, you should know that the best way to get ahead of this condition is early recognition and treatment.

The earlier you get started with a treatment program, the better your chances are to recover from male pattern baldness.

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