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Organic Hair Transplant

Stem cell-rich liquid prepared from patient’s own fat tissue is injected to the transplantation area. This way, application site is swelled to enable a convenient transplantation area and chemical injections that damage the follicles in conventional hair transplantation procedure are avoided. Healthy hair follicles collected from the donor site are transferred to the hairless area, which prepared and made productive for the application, by our surgeon.

Advantages of Organic Hair Transplant

Stem cell injection used in organic hair transplant provides many advantages to the patient. Stem cell injection used in Organic Hair Transplant:

•    Transplant area is rendered efficient.
•    Hair transplant procedure become easier
•    Enables non-chemical work
•    Feeds the newly transferred hair follicles and increases their adherence rate.
•    Provides up to 96% successful results in hair transplant procedure
•    Facilitates the growth of more lively, healthier and longer lasting hair

Why Organic Hair Transplant?

In conventional hair transplant processes, only focus is the donor site, the healthy hair follicles. Grafts are obtained and transferred to the hairless area. However, there is decreased fat in bald areas that fail to provide nutrition to the follicles. If you look closely, you will see that the skin there is closer to the bone and emptied out. Even though you transfer new hair follicles, likelihood of success would be very low.

Healthy follicles of people with baldness are their true treasures; such intervention will cause healthy hair follicles to die after hair transplant. In addition, we know that chemical injected to the bald scalp to make transplant of grafts easier and provide convenience for the surgeon do damage the healthy hair follicles.

Organic Hair Transplant provides very important advantages at that point. Stem cell-rich fat injection prepared from patient’s own fat makes hair transplantation easier and leads to a healthier scalp in the hairless area.

Organic Hair Transplant and Regional Fat Deposition

Organic Hair Transplant also eliminates the regional fat deposition problem. We target the regional fat depositions of the patient for the stem cell-rich fat injection. Because our fat deposits have lots of stem cells. For example, regional fat depositions in men’s abdomen and hip areas are extracted by using Fat Transfer method and reforms the patients body.

Healthy, Not Falling, Abundant Hair

When the hairless area is made productive with Organic Hair Transplant injection, some processes take place in subcutaneous tissue. As we said, one of the reasons for hair loss in this area is scalp that came closer to the bone. This injection primarily lubricates the subcutaneous tissue. Stem cells combine with other structures and accelerate new cell production and make subcutaneous tissue productive. Planted grafts continue to live in their new locations as healthy as they were in their original place. In time, more abundant and healthier hair is possible with the hair follicles strengthen by vitalization mechanism of stem cells.

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