Strengthen the Roots to Prevent Hair Loss

Strengthen the Roots to Prevent Hair Loss, Your hairs sprout out from hair follicles, otherwise known as hair roots. People lose up to 100 hairs every day, more if you have particularly weak roots. 

Several factors, besides genetic or diseases, can weaken your hair roots. But it’s also possible to strengthen the roots of the hair to prevent hair loss.

Causes of Weak Roots

Among the causes of weak roots are many habits we consider normal and which performing should be reconsidered. The most commons of them are:

  • Changes in hormonal levels.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Constant shampooing.
  • Unbalanced diet.
  • Excessive ironing.
  • Blow drying in excess.
  • Long exposure to the sun’s heat
  • Sulfate or alcohol-based hair products.

Extensive exposure to one or more of them can lead to thinning hair due to the damage they cause to the hair follicle. 

Strengthen the Roots to Prevent Hair Loss

Several things serve as preventive care for the strengthening of the roots of the hair. Keep in mind that it’s just as important to know what you can do as it is to know what you shouldn’t do to your hair. 

Treatments to Strengthen the Roots

Routinely apply these to strengthen the roots of the hair.

  • Essential oils: Mix your favourite essential oils in a cup and massage your scalp with it. Let it stay for 20 mins before removing. Coconut oil by itself works particularly well.
  • Keratin: Is a protein that nourishes hair roots. Look for products and shampoos with it in its ingredients.
  • Natural hair masks: They allow you to keep the natural oils of your hair along with strengthening them.

Using a bathing cap after applying oils or hair mask into the hair is highly recommended.

Nutrition to Strengthen the Roots

Proper nutrition ensures the hair roots obtain the necessary nutrients to remain healthy.

  • Eat properly: Get food rich in iron, such as chicken, turkey, oyster, and lean beef. Iron provides oxygen to the blood running through the scalp. Likewise, zinc helps the production of essential bodily oils that cover the hair and hair roots. You can find zinc in lean meats, fish and most seafood. 
  • Use Supplements: Supplements of vitamins A, B, C, and E work wonders for hair roots.
  • Keep Hydrated: Drink at least eight full glasses of water daily.

You can also use supplements to obtain iron and zinc. If you suffer from iron deficiency, it might even be necessary.

Avoid to Strengthen the Roots

Be mindful avoid the following completely or indulging in them as little as possible:

  • Hot water: It will only dry your hair, use warm or cold water instead.
  • Constant washing: Shampooing dries the hair; you’ll want to keep it as infrequent as possible. Shampoo only one or two times a week
  • Dyeing: Both the dye and the process strain your hair and its roots considerably. If you regularly dye it, do it at least six months apart each time. Hair bleaching is actually even more harmful, consider avoiding it altogether.
  • Heat appliances: Both blow dryers and hair straighteners make your hair look great but also weaken it. Consider letting the hair dry on its own

The avoidance of these combined with the aforementioned nutrition tips and treatments will make for stronger roots that’ll keep your hair in place. esteGrande Instagram

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