The Best Place to Get a Hair Transplant

The Best Place to Get a Hair Transplant, Health tourism is expanding by 5 to 10 per cent every year and rapidly growing into a significant sector. In 2018, health tourism generated $1 billion in revenue only in Turkey. A lot of hair transplant centres are in high demand thanks to their work standards that demonstrate successful results. At esteGrande, we are one of these centres that offer a high quality of service to patients from all over the world.

The Best Place to Get a Hair Transplant

Our hair transplant centre, which has been performing hair transplant operations for a long time, has carried out innovation studies in order to achieve more successful results and to take the hair transplant results further. We perform many hair transplantation methods, including FUE and DHI. We owe our success to our experienced team members that have been working with us for a long time.

At esteGrande, we are among the most respected organizations in the world in hair transplant operations. With our specialist doctors and experienced staff, our centre hosts thousands of people from many different countries every year. 

We use current hair transplant technologies. Therefore, the results of hair transplant procedures are very natural-looking and healthy. You can find no negative comments or complaints about our centre, which serves with the expert team at all stages of hair transplant. Also, in esteGrande, the prices we offer are considered as budget-friendly.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Hair Transplantation Centre

It is essential to be cautious about some factors while selecting the right hair transplant centre. You should do your research well and read the comments on the Internet. You should consider these points while doing your research. Choosing the right hair transplant method will ensure a good and lasting result for years.

  • Researching hair transplant prices will make your job easier and allow you to choose according to your budget.
  • The surgeon’s experience is vital for choosing the right method for hair transplantation.
  • You can read the patients’ experiences in the centres on the Internet.
  • Opt for hair transplant centres that offer the most modern applications, such as FUE and DHI.
  • Those who are determined about hair transplantation can consult several centres.
  • Hygiene and safety of the hair transplant centres are essential aspects for successful results.

It should be ensured that a professional doctor is at the helm of the operation. The doctor’s previous surgeries, experiences, studies, and certificates should be well researched.

A good hair transplant centre should not lose contact with the patients after the operation. They should call patients at specific intervals and ask the last condition of the new hair. This way, it is known whether additional regular care is necessary after the procedure.

As Turkey’s most famous hair transplant centre, esteGrande offers professional solutions for hair loss. We have the leading names in the hair transplant industry, and we are selective about the surgeons and staff in order to achieve quality results. Schedule a consultation with us and meet these experts yourself.

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