The Biggest Trends in Hair Transplant Industry We’ve Seen This Year

The biggest trends in hair transplant industry we’ve seen this year. The doctors perform many hair transplant operation every year. But there are new innovations that appear once in a while. These innovations make the hair transplant experience more efficient and comfortable for the patient. Sometimes it is a new anaesthesia method and sometimes a brand new hair transplant method. Here are some of the biggest trends in the hair transplant industry this year.

The Biggest Trends in Hair Transplant Industry We’ve Seen This Year

Laser FUE Hair Transplant

In the FUE hair transplant method, the doctor needs to make small incisions on the scalp for making channels. Because these channels are needed for implanting the extracted hair grafts. Traditionally, the doctor would open these channels by using surgical knives. These wounds have very tiny diameters, so it is often very tiring for the doctor. 

However, with laser hair transplant surgery, it is possible to open these channels by using lasers. 

Needle-Free Hair Transplant

The technicians need to anaesthetize the patient before the hair transplant surgery. Because without anaesthesia, the operation would be uncomfortable for the patient. Usually, the doctors choose local anaesthesia for hair transplant surgery since there is no need to put the patient to sleep. And the traditional way to do this is injections through needles.

It can be extremely uncomfortable if the patient is afraid of the needles. But there are devices for applying local anaesthesia without using any needles. So if you are one of those people who are scared of the needles, it is very reasonable that you want to avoid any operation that involves needles. 

This is where the needle-free anaesthesia comes in. The device applies local anaesthesia on the scalp of the patient without needing a needle. 

However, surgeons have used this kind of tools for anaesthesia in other surgeries. And now it is also available for the hair transplant surgery. So, if you want to have a hair transplant but you are afraid of the needles, this solution will be just perfect for you.

Robotic FUE Hair Transplant

When a surgeon performs an FUE hair transplant, he needs to make a large number of incisions. And when he does this with a surgical knife, it is going to get tiring after a while. And even when you have the best surgeon in the world, he can also make tiny mistakes although they will be hard to notice.

But with the robotic hair transplant, all the cuts on your scalp are going to be the same. There will be very little chance for even the smallest mistakes because a robotic device is going to make the incisions on the scalp. Do not think that the machine is going to do all the work, though. It is just a machine that assists the surgeon. The surgeon needs to be present in the room, operating the device for performing the hair transplant. It does not work on its own.

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