The Early Signs of Balding and How to Stop Them

The Early Signs of Balding and How to Stop Them, Baldness is commonly a hereditary (inherited from one’s parents) condition. Usually, the amount of hair loss increases with age. Hair loss has many different patterns in shapes in different people. Usually, it comes slowly, but in some cases, it may happen relatively rapidly too.

Early Signs of Balding

The first sign most people see is the gradual hair loss happening at the top of their head. For men, another common spot for the onset of hair loss is the forehead. Though hair loss works differently in women than men. Women tend to keep their hairline intact as opposed to men, but women lose hair in a diffuse fashion. 

Causes of Baldness

The most common cause of hair loss is genetics we inherit from our parents. Often we people refer to hereditary hair loss as male/female pattern baldness. The patterns of hair loss are quite predictable when the cause is genetic.

Hormones, Medications and Other Conditions

Other times, hair loss may stem from hormonal fluctuations and other illnesses. Hair loss from these causes may be permanent, but most often it is temporary. Pregnant women may experience some degree of hair loss during or after pregnancy, for example. Or likewise, women entering menopause phase can see a similar effect. Often people with thyroid problems experience some degree of hair loss too. 

Certain medication used in treating various diseases can also have a similar effect. In popular culture, we see examples of predominantly radiotherapy and chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Though other medications can be the cause too. For example:

  • Heart medication
  • Antidepressants
  • Arthritis medication

Carry a risk of inducing hair loss in some people. But, as we said, often this loss is temporary and stopping the medication solves the issue.

Prevention of Hair Loss

Baldness caused by hormonal fluctuations and medication intake often resolve after the hormonal issue is addressed or medication intake stops. Though, it is sadly not possible to stop hereditary hair loss in its tracks. Still, some of the tips we’ll give can give you an edge over your genetics. Following these guidelines can help you keep your hair on your head for a bit longer.

You may enjoy letting your hair grow long and like to keep it in a bun or braid. But resorting to tight hairstyles may be harmful to your hair. Also, some people unknowingly pull, twist and play with their hair, wearing the follicles down. And using a comb with too narrow teeth may cause traction in a similar fashion as well. So getting a comb with wider teeth may prove useful.

Also living a sedentary lifestyle and smoking may have more effect on hair loss than you might think. Exercising both reduces stress (which also causes hair loss) and improves circulation. And tobacco dramatically reduces blood flow; this may cause follicles on your head to wither away.

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