The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss on Women

The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss on Women, When women talk about beauty, the first noticeable part they check out is the hair. For women, hair displays personality. Their hair is the critical aspect of their entire look. For some, their hair even affects their mood. Women who suffer from hair loss lose their motivation too. They develop difficulty in getting things done and in maintaining relationships with people.

Indeed, this keratin-made part of the body is a very important ingredient to any woman’s self-esteem. Society puts an inordinate bearing on perceptions of hair as a key component of beauty. It is that big of a deal that if something goes wrong with it, women’s psychological being will be at stake. The following are some of the psychological effects of hair loss on women:

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is defined as the constant fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by the public. Since women placed high regard on their hair, they feel that they lose their pride and confidence. This even truer when they go bald. Women who undergo social anxiety retreat from attending social events, avoiding meeting with friends and cutting ties with their employment in a corporate setting. In some worst-case scenarios, these women suffer from heavy sweating and palpitations when around people.

Self-Worth Deterioration

As what the societal standards establish, the hair is the crown of beauty. If a woman loses this crown, she will perceive herself as ugly and undesirable. She will feel devastated, thinking that she may have fewer chances of getting a mate. As a result, these women resort to acts of desperation, trying to please others while sacrificing the respect they have for themselves.

Psychological Eating Disorders

Women who suffer from excessive hair loss have the tendency to think that they should depend on other attributes of beauty. They try to compensate for what they don’t have by focusing on their body figures. With this unnecessary pressure they put on themselves, they develop a fear of gaining weight or becoming fat. Women who possess these disorders tend to develop unhealthy diet plans and excessively aggressive exercise routines.


In connection with the excessive worrying and a feeling of heightened tension, women who are suffering from hair loss may fall into the pit of depression. Depression is the feeling of having low moods, lack of interest or pleasure in activities, loss of energy, and sleep deprivation.


In conclusion, the experience of hair loss is psychologically damaging and causes intense emotional suffering among women. That is why when a woman invests in some relatively pricey hair products, people should understand them. They are not only paying for these services or products, but they are also giving themselves a favour to avoid major psychological problems.

In addition to that, when it is inevitable for a woman to go bald or lose an excessive amount of hair, she should keep in mind that there are remedies for her to grab. For the solution of this problem, of course, you can also get in touch with us, and we will be happy to educate you more regarding the options there are for you.

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