The Return of the Beard, With all the hipsters shuffling around third-wave coffee shops with their computers, there is one thing hard to not notice. Beards are becoming more and more popular. The attitude against beards society has is changing. Once upon a time, a clean-shaven man was the prime look, but the younger generation does not think so.

The Return of the Beard

According to a survey, average shaves per men has dropped from 3.7 to 3.2 times per month. This change happened only in the last 10 years, so it’s hard to tell what’s in store for us in the future.

Of course, all this meant that the producers of razors saw a drop in their sales. The company that is best known when it comes to razors reported a 24% drop in sales. Though, more people having beards mean that people need maintenance products more. So grooming products for beards saw around 5% increase according to the data from this year.

Hair Transplant To Rescue

Though, some men feel left behind from this bandwagon. The reason being that they simply cannot grow a full thick beard. Of course, genetics is to blame for this, but genetics does not mean that there are no workarounds. With the recent developments in technology, we are able to perform efficient beard transplants. These new methods provide such good results that it is detection with a naked eye is impossible.

How We Do A Beard Transplant

During a beard transplant, we often utilise a method similar to FUE (follicular unit transplantation). With the help of an electric device called a micromotor, we extract hair follicles from the back of the head. We store these follicles in a special solution carefully while preparing the transplant sites on the patient’s face. 

During preparation, we anaesthetise the recipient area (the face) with local anaesthetics to ensure that the patient experiences no discomfort. After we are sure that the patient is comfortable, we open canals for the insertion of follicles. Our specialist opens canals with a microblade according to the desired number of grafts. Once the recipient area is ready for transplantation, our experts insert follicles one by one into these canals. Usually, this part takes the longest as follicles are delicate things. They need special attention during implantation.

Once this step is complete, the patient can go to his hotel and rest for the night. The day after, we take patients in once more to remove bandaging and give directives. Our experts will give you clear instructions about how you should care for your beard.

Ending Notes

Once the implanted hair begins growing, you can simply treat them as they had always been there. The grafted hair is as good as your natural hair, well since it is your natural hair. You can cut it or style it however you wish. esteGrande Instagram

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