Top 5 Questions to Ask before Getting an FUE Hair Transplant

Top 5 Questions to Ask before Getting an FUE Hair Transplant, A hair transplant procedure is one of the best options for hair restoration. There have also been a lot of hair transplant techniques developed over the years. These techniques are progressing over time. This is due to technological advancements and doctors’ skills. These techniques differ in a lot of ways, either through implantation or extraction. 

One of these techniques is follicular unit extraction (FUE). This is an advanced technique that is commonly preferred by patients. People opt for FUE because of its numerous advantages.

The FUE method is more comfortable. There’s less discomfort during or after the treatment, so you can just go home after the procedure. It is also minimally invasive and uses only local anaesthesia. As for the result, it promises a natural-looking outcome. The recovery process is also quick and easy. Also, it doesn’t leave scars that are noticeable.

However, if you are considering having an FUE transplant, you must know not only its method but its effects on you. It is important to have this knowledge so you can manage your expectations. So here are top five questions you should ask before getting an FUE transplant:

1. Is This the Right Procedure for My Hair Loss Problem?

There are a lot of hair transplant techniques, and you should know if FUE is right for you. There are particular procedures that are perfect for certain cases. You should tell your surgeon about what procedure and the outcome you are imagining. This gives your surgeon the idea of what procedure is best for you.

2. How Much Will It Cost Me?

FUE is a bit more expensive. You need to be prepared for the expenses so you could afford to have the procedure. Most health insurance companies also do not cover hair transplants. And you can only get an FUE procedure if you can afford it.

3. How Long Does the Procedure Take?

This is important, especially if you’re working or have many plans to attend to. An FUE procedure usually takes about eight hours. Therefore, it is best if you take a day off from school or work and not have any other plans during the day of your procedure.

4. What Should I Expect?

One of your biggest concerns will be the result of the procedure. FUE is believed to give you a natural-looking outcome. It’s almost like you haven’t had a hair transplant at all. It also leaves zero visible scars.

However, this also depends a lot on your surgeon. You should choose the surgeon with all the skills and experience.

5. What Do I Need to Do after the Procedure?

You should ask and know about the aftercare or the things you need to prepare and do after the procedure. Ask if you’ll need medication or not. It is also best to ask about what you can apply to the transplanted area and whatnot. And know the number of days it will take you before you can get your hair wet or wear anything on your head.

At esteGrande, we will guide you through everything you need to know about FUE transplant. Our surgeons and the entire team would be happy to answer your questions and make you feel at ease. There is totally nothing to worry about. We will recommend the FUE procedure if it’s the one right for you. And there are a lot more techniques we can provide that will suit you best. 

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