Top Hair Restoration Technologies for 2020

New Technology Hair Transplant, Hair loss may sound like a modern problem. But countless people throughout history have considered it to be an uncomfortable situation. They have tried to formulate numerous solutions for curing baldness. These methods included bizarre ointments made of animal fats, different types of wigs and a variety of medications. None of these methods has yielded efficient and permanent results.

The Top Hair Restoration Technologies for 2020

The most advanced technology that we have today is the hair transplant operation. The FUE hair transplant operation, in particular, is a groundbreaking solution for hair loss and baldness. It is a permanent operation, and you do not need to wait for years until you see a visible result. Another good thing about the FUE hair transplant is that it does not leave any linear scars, and it does not put any physical limitations on you after the surgery.

Although the FUE hair transplant technology is quite sophisticated, the experts are working on new solutions for growing hair. We estimate that many modern methods for hair restoration will be available by 2020. We will be listing some of these anticipated solutions in our article.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant

This process is not so different from traditional hair transplant methods. The most significant difference is that a conventional hair transplant removes a large number of grafts from a donor area for transplantation. In contrast, the stem cell hair transplant only removes a small sample of skin and then extracts hair follicles from it. 

After the experts extract these hair follicles, they do not just transplant them into the area of the hair loss like they would in a traditional hair transplant operation. They study the extracted hair follicles in a laboratory and then biologically replicate them. Later, when they clone enough hair follicles, they implant them into the scalp of the patient. 

Stem cell hair transplant is still just a theory. However, the experts are continuing the research, and they report that they have made significant progress. This means that by 2020, this procedure may be available for patients who suffer from hair loss. 

New Medication for Reactivating Hair Growth

Another expected product for preventing baldness is a medication that revives lost hair. It may sound like the other medications that are available today but works in a very different way than the traditional hair growth medications

Minoxidil is an example of these widely available and common hair growth drugs. This medication was originally meant to treat blood pressure problems. But when they realized that the side effects included hair growth, they started to use this drug against hair loss. We believe that it works by increasing the blood flow to the scalp. When more blood reaches the scalp, the hair follicles get more nutrients to help them grow.

But this new medication works differently. First of all, it is not a blood pressure medication. On the contrary, it is an immunosuppressant. And most importantly, it does not support new hair growth; it revives the ‘’ dead’’ ones. 

Even a bald person has around 100.000 hair follicles on his head. But these hair follicles are microscopic, and they are hard to see. But they are still there, and this new medication will work by reviving these hair follicles.  

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