Top Hair Transplant Surgeons

Top Hair Transplant Surgeons, Today, the most preferred aesthetic operation for hair loss treatment is hair transplant. That said, Turkey is one of the countries where you can have successful hair transplant procedures. 

There are lots of reasons for this success. However, the most important one is the capability and experience of the top hair transplant surgeons in Turkey. The success rate is relatively high if the person performing the operation is an expert.

At esteGrande, we only work with surgeons who are experts in this field. Therefore, we can obtain the most successful results in a healthy and professional environment. The techniques we use, the care we show, and the skills and experience we have do make us among the best.

First of all, hair transplantation technology methods used today are very advanced. Since experts perform tens of thousands of hair transplants and gain a lot of experience, the success rates in hair transplantation are very high.

Effect of Hair Transplant Specialist on Success Rate

Hair transplant is a delicate operation that requires skill and experience to achieve successful results. There are specific steps that are good indications of a surgeon’s expertise. If they can accomplish these stages carefully, it is highly certain that you will have good-looking hair. These stages are the following:

  • Accurate diagnosis and planning
  • Collection of hair follicles without damage
  • Keeping the roots collected in the right conditions
  • Attention to angle, direction, and frequency in hair follicle placement

Of course, good postoperative care is essential to obtain healthy results. However, a capable surgeon can give you the best aesthetic operation possible. At esteGrande, our surgeons and staff work meticulously to provide you with satisfactory results. Contact us today for affordable all-inclusive packages we can give you.

Hair Transplant Procedure with Best Surgeons

Although hair transplant surgery is more popular than ever, many people do not know the general course of the operation. Therefore, it is essential to understand the necessary steps of successful hair transplant surgery correctly.

You can see the course of these methods below.

  1. To plan a hair transplant, it is crucial to diagnose the cause of hair loss. This diagnosis will shed light on the planning of a hair transplant.
  2. Meticulous work is necessary to maintain the health of healthy hair follicles by collecting them, one by one, using either the classic FUE or DHI technique.
  3. In order to prevent the grafts from being damaged during the collection of the hair follicles, it is vital to collect hair follicles with utmost attention to their angles and directions.
  4. Another critical point is keeping the roots taken in a nutritious solution. Although there is no such process in DHI, the FUE method includes this procedure. In DHI hair transplantation technique, hair follicles are planted in the new area within one to two minutes after they are taken from the donor area.

Transplanting hair follicles is a critical step that determines the result of a hair transplant. When planting hair follicles, surgeons are considering:

  • the angle of the hair follicles,
  • the direction of the hair follicles,
  • transplanting at the highest density, and
  • the right order of the follicles.

Doctors can achieve very successful results thanks to some fine-tuned techniques they use and manual skills they have mastered. At esteGrande, we use FUE and DHI methods for hair transplant operations as they give the most satisfactory results.

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