Turkey Hair Transplant Package, Hair transplant is one of the fastest-growing branches in health tourism in recent years. Tourists and Turkish citizens are highly satisfied with affordable prices and high-quality hair services in Turkey. Besides, the opportunity to become acquainted with Turkey’s historical and cultural heritage causes thousands of tourists to come to Turkey each month. Tourists not only enjoy the taste of the city but also benefit from medical opportunities. Therefore, Turkey as a brand in the hair transplant industry begins to spread to the world.

On the other hand, now Turkey offer transplant package for the patients coming abroad. Thanks to this package, thousands of tourists come to our country for hair transplants every month.

This package contains several services to meet all patients’ expectations. All-inclusive hair transplant package includes comprehensive service for patients applying to the facility to have healthy, natural-looking hair.

Examination and Interview

The first step of the hair transplant operation is the interview and examination. We offer a complete examination for our patients to ensure a successful operation. This includes

  • A blood test,
  • An inspection of hair, and
  • other services if necessary. 

You can talk about your medical history, your concerns, and expectations about the operation during the interview. Our first aim is to provide you with clear instructions and detailed operation plan.

Hair Transplant Application

After the examination and interview, we start the application. We plant the maximum number of hair follicles to the target area without limitation considering, of course, the doctor’s advice. Besides that, we transplant the healthiest grafts to obtain a more successful result. You are safe in our experienced and expert team’s hands. Our priorities are to ensure a natural appearance of the results and satisfaction of our customers.

Accommodation and Transfer

Upon your request, our options include  accommodation in a beautiful place for our guests coming from other cities. You will relax after the operation while exploring the beautiful places of Istanbul. On the other hand, we welcome our guests coming from outside the city and abroad. Furthermore, we accompany you to the airport after the operation so that you can feel safe throughout your medical journey.

Medicines and Shampoo

The hair transplant package also covers all the pieces of equipment, medicines, and consumables used for our patients in the hair transplant operation. We recommend you our facility-approved shampoos and medications that are specially produced for the postoperative hair transplant period. Therefore, these products will make your postoperative healing period much more comfortable and help you get over the first weeks easily.

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