Turkey Leads the Hair Transplant Industry with Advanced Methods

Turkey Leads the Hair Transplant Industry with Advanced Methods, Hair transplant operation is a wonderful solution for people who suffer from hair loss. But it was not always like this. There are new innovations every year in the hair transplant industry. And the hair transplant clinics who manage to catch up with these innovations can offer better solutions to their clients. While some countries use hair transplant methods that are outdated, Turkey always follows the newest trends.

Turkey Leads the Hair Transplant Industry with Advanced Methods

And that is exactly why Turkey is the leading country in the hair transplant industry. Hundreds of thousands of patients visit Turkey every year to get a hair transplant. Nevertheless, you would be wrong if you think that all the clinics in Turkey are going to offer you the most advanced hair transplant technologies and the best service. 

It is highly recommended to research well before you choose where you will have your hair transplant. You should choose Turkey if you want to have the most advanced methods, but which hair transplant centre in Turkey? Our facilities offer the tenderest of care and the most advanced hair transplant methods. 

Why You Should Choose esteGrande Health Services for Hair Transplant

Although the hair transplant industry is highly developed in Turkey, it is still important to choose the right clinic. You cannot just randomly choose a hair transplant clinic and expect to get effective results. Because you need a hair transplant clinic that uses the most advanced methods out there.

Planning is one of the most important steps in hair transplants. Also, the doctor’s attention during the planning process is crucial for giving you the results that you want. When you choose our facilities for a hair transplant, you will have the most careful planning. Because our doctors have years of experience in the hair transplant field, they know exactly what each patient needs.

After the planning process, you have the application. In most clinics, the doctors do not even check this part. But it is different with us since our doctors are very active during the transplantation process. And what is more important is that our doctors are able to perform the hair transplant operation with the most sophisticated methods that are available right now.

How Important Is the Method of the Hair Transplant?

The methods used during the hair transplant procedure are extremely important. It can determine the risk of having scars or the efficiency of new hair growth. If the doctors in the hair transplant clinic use an outdated method, you are more likely to have scars after the surgery. The same rules apply for the method of anaesthesia. When the patient chooses a hair transplant clinic that uses old methods of anaesthesia, the patient may experience uncomfortable side effects after the operation. 

However, we at esteGrande use the most advanced methods in each step of the hair transplant. This means that you do not need to suffer any side effects after the surgery, and you will not have any permanent scars.

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