Turkish hair transplants are one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures today. A Turkish hair transplant makes up a large part of Turkey’s fastest-growing health tourism industry.

Traditional tourism has been increasing for decades in Turkey. In addition to that, there’s a surge of another form of tourism: health tourism.

Our renowned national prices for cosmetic surgeries are lower than the average in the world. Thus, due to both lower costs and skilled talent, hair transplants in Turkey are on demand.

So much so, in fact, that it’s common to see men with their heads wrapped in bandages on the streets of the bigger cities. They are patients that invested in themselves to get a livelier appearance with a renewed set of hair.

Their journey likely took them from far abroad and to the hands of our talented surgeons to receive a hair transplant in Turkey. A high-quality result for a fraction of the price is enough to attract people from all over the world.

Turkish Hair Transplant in Numbers

As said before, people from every nation are coming in to get their hair transplants done. By numbers shown in the statistics of health tourism in Turkey, more than 750,000 people came in 2016 for health tourism.

Out of those 750,000 health tourists that dropped by Turkey in 2016, around 60,000 got a Turkish hair transplant.

Other statistics institutions have even more discerning numbers. According to these entities, there are 150 to 500 hair transplants performed every week.

It is not possible to see these numbers and suggest that a Turkish hair transplant is not trending and impressive.

Quality of the Turkish Hair Transplant

Turkish surgeons are among the first to perform hair transplants worldwide. The explosion of the industry has only raised the standards. A Turkish hair transplant surgeon is completely qualified and very experienced.

The sheer competitiveness of the field has led to the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment. Major surgery providers buy the latest tools in hair transplant tech to charm clients away from rivals. More importantly, to deliver even more efficient services.

Besides national credentials, the health centres often have the approval of international medical associations. Accreditations and licenses speak for the institutions’ and surgeons’ credibility.

Additionally, the Ministry of Health routinely performs often-spontaneous inspections on the sites. This is to ensure compliance with the national standards for the services. The inspectors go over everything: credentials of the doctors, proper sterilisation of equipment, and overall quality of service.

Turkish Hair Transplant—The Verdict

Each of the points touched upon this article can surely attract health tourists. Combined, however, they have created the billion-dollar national industry that’s all the rage today.

Closing in towards a million health tourists every year, a tenth of them only on hair transplants, Turkish hair transplants can easily take the crown as the people’s choice. Due to word on social media, this fire can only spread farther and faster.

Now, there’s little arguing about the affordable quality of a Turkish hair transplant. Well, our team offers all-inclusive packages for this procedure. Contact us if you want to know more. 

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