Everybody knows that our diets are very important for our overall health. Also, studies suggest that what we also eat directly affects the health of our hairs. Eating habits could cause hair loss or, oppositely, help to stop hair loss depending on how healthily you are eating.

If you are following a vegan diet, you might be worried about experiencing hair loss. Vegan diets lack some nutritional benefits due to not eating any meat, dairy products or any other animal-derived ingredients. But is it enough to cause hair loss?

Could a Vegan Diet Really Cause Hair Loss?

Studies suggest that vegan diets may cause hair loss. This is due to deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that you can obtain only through consuming animal products. But there are some alternative ways for taking enough nutrients without having to compromise from your vegan lifestyle.

What Can You Eat to Prevent Hair Loss If You Are Vegan?

Scientific studies prove that vitamins A, B, C, D, and E are correlated with the health of our hairs. Each of these vitamins plays a different part in our bodies. You can significantly reduce your hair loss by eating enough food containing these vitamins.

You can get vitamin A from carrots, pumpkins, potatoes, and spinach. Vitamin A plays an important part in the growth of hair cells. Taking it in sufficient amounts will definitely help.

Dark leafy greens and whole grains are rich with B7, which is also commonly referred to as Biotin. But taking enough of B12 can be problematic. You can get vitamin B12 only from animal-derived foods. You have to take B12 supplements to avoid any form of deficiency.

Vitamin C is vital for the production of proteins in the human body. Hair is basically made of proteins, so taking enough of it is essential. Citrus fruits contain rich levels of vitamin C. 

Vitamin D affects the hair density. Our bodies already produce vitamin D under direct sunlight. But you can also take it by consuming soy milk, orange juice, cereals, and mushrooms.

Vitamin E stimulates hair growth. Spinach, almonds, and sunflower seeds are rich with vitamin E. 

You can use supplements to prevent vitamin deficiencies. But balancing your supplement usage is very important. Because taking too much of these vitamins, especially vitamin A, can also cause hair loss. 

Soy consumption is another issue that people following vegan diets should be careful about. Soy-derived products can be a good alternative for vegans. But studies show that soy disrupts hormone and thyroid levels.

When Should You Start to Consider Having a Hair Transplant?

Balancing your diet may not do much if you already have lost a good amount of your hair. But don’t worry. Hair transplants can help you get rid of this problem permanently. Contact us if you are considering hair loss. We can provide you with further information and help you decide on what steps to take to tackle this condition of yours.

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