Vitamin D Deficiency and Female Pattern Hair Loss

Vitamin D Deficiency and Female Pattern Hair Loss, Vitamin D is a vital nutrient that has many important roles in our bodies. It can help our bones and teeth stay healthy and even protect us against certain diseases.

Our bodies cannot produce vitamins themselves. We have to consume foods that contain them. But vitamin D has a unique feature in this regard. Our bodies can produce vitamin D under direct sunlight. But what are the benefits of vitamin D?

Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D has many important roles in our bodies. As we have just started, it strengthens our bones and teeth. It does this by helping our bodies with the calcium absorption process. Also, it supports immune and nervous systems and helps our brains to be healthier.

It supports the regulation of insulin levels in our bodies, is beneficial for the functionality of the lungs and heart. Vitamin D can also inhibit the development of cancer cells.

We have listed the benefits of vitamin D, but how can you know whether you have vitamin D deficiency?

What Are the Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency?

There are several symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. These include:

  • Fatigue, or in other words, feeling tired all the time, which can cause low mood
  • Muscle and joint pain and ache
  • Being sick or catching infections easily
  • Longer healing periods

Vitamin D deficiency can also cause hair loss. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, it might even lead to balding.

Not addressing vitamin D deficiency for long periods could cause complications such as infection, cancer as well as cardiovascular, neurological and autoimmune problems.

Correlation Between Hair Loss and Vitamin D Deficiency

We have already mentioned in our several articles that not getting enough vitamins could cause hair loss. Vitamin D is one of the fundamental nutrients for the health of your hair. Scientific studies prove that Its deficiency does cause hair loss. Other studies also reveal that women who experience female pattern hair loss do have vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D encourages hair follicles to grow. That is the reason why its deficiency causes hair loss. So, taking sufficient amounts of vitamin D is crucial for the overall health of your hair. But how can you provide yourself with sufficient vitamin D?

Sources of Vitamin D

As we have mentioned before, our bodies can produce vitamin D under direct sunlight. So, spending some time outdoors on sunny days is a good way to get vitamin D. You can also eat food rich with vitamin D to avoid deficiency. Fatty fish, cheese, mushrooms, eggs, and beef liver contains high levels of vitamin D. You can take supplements as well. But be careful about your vitamin D intake. Too much of it can also cause hair loss.

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