Washing Hair After Hair Transplant

Washing hair after hair transplant, washing your hair after hair transplantation is a critical and sensitive process. If there is a complication of damaged follicles, nurses at the hair transplantation centre should do the first wash. In this process, a wrong movement, you may misplace the roots as they are in the exact place fully. Please ask your doctor if you have any questions about washing after hair transplantation. Washing after hair transplantation is a delicate matter that needs attention. 

Washing Hair After Hair Transplant

After the hair transplantation, you should apply a lotion, which can be any soft and viscous lotion for the hand and body or creams that you can get from the pharmacy. You should pour the lotion the hair without rubbing. After waiting for about 30-40 minutes, you can clear the lotion lightly with the help of lukewarm water. Contrary to what many people think, there is no aim of feeding hair. The main purpose is to soften the crusts.

To avoid damaging the hair follicles, you should apply shampoo thoroughly to the hair area with slow touches. After waiting for a while, rinse again very slowly. It is absolutely wrong to try to remove the shells from the hair follicles with fingers or nails.

Professional Tips For the First Wash

Excess hot or cold water can damage the hair follicles.

Pressurized water can cause the newly transplanted hair follicles to move. Do not use water cannons to wash your hair.

Make sure you have someone with you when washing.

Do not dry them with a towel. Instead, leave your hair to get dry by itself.

After the hair transplantation, the brand of your shampoo is not very important. However, the content of the paraben-free natural, regenerating and nourishing properties of light shampoos are ideal.

There should be no water contact during the first three days after hair transplantation. 3 days after, you should be ready for the first wash. The person can carry out washing at home with his own means.

Do not expect all shells to disappear after the first wash. The recovery takes approximately 10 days to complete, although it varies from person to person. However, it would help if you continued washing your hair frequently.

Necessary Materials For Washing After Hair Transplantation

Softening Lotion: (Only use in the first wash) After the first wash, apply lotion to the hair follicles that hold the skin shells. It softens the scalp for easy cleaning.

Warm water: The temperature of the water is a very important detail. It is recommended that you use a properly functioning shower head that does not flush suddenly without rapid changes. There will be unexpected and rarely cause damage to the roots of your hair in such a situation. The water should be warm and free of pressure.

Shampoo: You can use a daily shampoo after hair transplantation, or you can also choose special shampoos if your doctor recommends.

Soft Towels: The drying process is critical. Be sure to choose a soft towel and dry your head gently. If you are going to use a hairdryer instead of a towel, you will need to be careful about its use. Try to avoid hot weather as much as possible.




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