What Causes Hair Loss and What Hair Restoration Procedures Are Available?

What Causes Hair Loss and What Hair Restoration Procedures Are Available? Hair loss can occur in different ways in men and women. The duration of hair loss depends on the causes of it. The most important factors that cause this difference are hormonal factors. Therefore, we can divide the reasons for hair loss into two groups, which are hair loss in women and hair loss in men.

Common Causes of Hair Loss Both in Men and Women

Although reasons may show differences between men and women, there are mutual reasons for hair loss. These are the following:

  • Stress
  • Side effects of medication
  • Fungi on the scalp and some microbial diseases
  • Genetic causes
  • Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism
  • Skin cancer
  • Malnutrition

Finding the underlying condition for hair loss is the most significant step. Consult a doctor to find out the reason for your hair loss and find the right treatment.

Hair Loss in Women

The causes of hair loss in women are usually:

  • pregnancy,
  • menopause, or
  • hormonal changes.

Hair loss occurs in women, especially after the menopause hormonal changes occur as a result of structural changes in the hair. Typically, women look for temporary solutions, such as wigs. However, hair transplants and mesotherapy are the most effective treatments.

Hair Loss in Men

The causes of hair loss in men are generally:

  • DHT hormone,
  • anaemia, or
  • iron deficiency.

The most common type of male hair loss depends on the fact that hair follicles are susceptible to the male hormone (testosterone). Male pattern hair loss is the worst nightmare of men throughout history. However, it is possible to wake up from that nightmare.

One of the most successful solutions for hair loss is biotin supplementation. Especially young people who are fifteen to twenty years old may have hair loss problems. In this case, the use of vitamins H and B7 should be considered first. Biotin is not the only solution to get your hair back.

Hair Restoration Applications

The most permanent way of restoring your hair is through hair transplant operations. As the donor hair follicles are not affected by many of the elements, you will not experience hair loss with your new hair. It is a completely safe and practical application when done by experienced hands. There are several methods for flawless hair transplant. You can find all these methods, with a professional team, in esteGrande health services.

          1. FUE with Manual Punch

The hair follicles are first collected using manual punch technique in the FUE method. With these punches of various sizes, the hair follicles are loosened manually by doctors. Afterwards, the hair follicles are collected one by one. The FUE hair transplantation method, which is performed by manual punching technique, takes a long time because it is a manual one.

          2. FUE with Micromotor

The places where the hair follicles are taken are loosened automatically with micromotors. It has the same size punch as the manual punch. The micropen device collects the loosened hair follicles, as in the manual punch. Thanks to its automatic rotation feature, hair transplant operations take less time.

            3. DHI Method

Hair transplantation by DHI method is the application of FUE utilizing the special Choi pen. The Choi needle has a fine, rounded, and sharp tip. In the DHI hair transplant process, hair roots are collected from the donor area by this needle. 

This method differs from other FUE stages by direct planting of hair follicles into the bald area without opening the canals. In summary, the known grooving and insertion steps of the FUE method are performed simultaneously in DHI via the Choi pen. Thus, it is thought that hair transplantation success in this method increases because the hair follicles are kept out for less time outside the body.

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