What Group of Men Is More Likely to Go Bald?

What Group of Men Is More Likely to Go Bald? Hair is the most important element that surrounds our face and affects appearance. Hair loss affects all types of people psychologically. Today, hair loss is one of the most common aesthetic and health problems in the world. What is even more interesting, according to recent research, hair loss is more common in certain types of men. 

What Group of Men Is More Likely to Go Bald?

If you are wondering about the possibility of your hair falling out in the future, you are in the right place. In this article, we look into which type of men suffers from hair loss the most.

Type of Men More Likely to Go Bald

Surprisingly, according to research, white men with short height are more prone to baldness. 

Somehow the genes that cause you to be short and the genes that cause baldness are linked. Along with that, men who had early puberty also are commonly afflicted with hair loss and balding problems.

In addition, while European men go bald before the age of thirty, Asian men’s hair can remain intact until their fifties. On the other hand, male pattern hair loss is comparably rare in the African American race.

Apart from all these, doctors say that men with lighter skin colour are at higher risk of going bald. Of course, baldness depends not only on these factors. Also consider the way you care for your hair, diseases you have, and other external factors such as stress and diet.

Another interesting research shows that men playing professional soccer have a higher risk of becoming bald. Apparently, when the soccer players hit the ball with their head, they damage their scalp constantly at the same place, and the hair follicles lose their function.

What You Should Do

If you have all these factors that cause baldness and are worried that you will lose your hair, pay attention to some important points.

First of all, if you notice symptoms of hair loss, you should see an experienced doctor immediately. Then you can reduce or prevent hair loss by making simple changes in your daily routine—such as avoiding stress, taking the necessary vitamins and minerals daily, and avoiding chemical treatments on your hair.

Despite all this, if you still suffer from hair loss problem, you can try the hair transplant operation. The hair transplant operation gives quite satisfactory results even in large bald areas. Just be sure to get an experienced doctor and a good team to perform the operation. This operation also has really low-risk rates since it includes minimal surgical intervention.

As long as you choose the right treatment method, hair loss is not a problem to fear. If you feel like hair transplant is the best method for you, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assist you as early as now.

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