What Is BIO FUE Hair Transplant?

BIO FUE, or biostimulated follicular unit extraction, is an advanced FUE technique that gives many advantages compared to other hair transplant methods. These advantages include providing healthy hair growth, much lighter procedure, the faster healing process, and being safer. You may notice that these are also the advantages that the FUE technique has. So what is the difference of BIO FUE technique from the classic FUE method?

Basically, the procedure is almost the same as the classic FUE method. But what makes it different are the growth factors transplanted into the scalp area. Growth factors are platelet-rich plasmas.  

Operation specialists store the hair grafts in biostimulation growth factors. These growth factors make the donor areas—the site from where the doctor extract hair follicles—heal faster.

The process is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the head. It increases the density and quality of original hair. In Bio FUE, doctors infuse regenerative cells into the FUE donor site to ensure continuous growth of the remaining hair. 

The BIO FUE hair transplant is the best treatment if you want healthy growth of your hair follicles. This method also is done in a light procedure with the faster healing process and eliminates possible scars on the head, which are frequently seen in FUE hair transplants

What Are the Advantages of BIO FUE Hair Transplant?

Some of the advantages of BIO FUE hair transplants are the following:

  • Because the operation does not involve any piercing of the scalp, it does not cause visible scars on the donor sites. Because of this advantage, the method requires a pretty short recovery time. 
  • With the help of the BIO FUE hair transplant, you will gain natural and densely growing hair on your head.
  • It is much safer than other medical treatments. Research shows that the BIO FUE hair transplantation success rate is quite higher than many other methods. 
  • Having your hair grow again by the BIO FUE hair transplant will boost your self-confidence. All of us want to look good and charm others. Hair is quite helpful when it comes to having charisma. 
  • Bio FUE hair transplant treatment strengthens the hair follicles that are thinning and helps them to strengthen.
  • Compared to the classic FUE hair transplantation method, BIO FUE hair transplant lasts shorter. The entire process takes approximately five hours, while the other method lasts from four to twelve hours. 
  • The costs of operation quite affordable. Although they vary depending on the number of hair grafts, the results you will have would be totally worth the price you will pay.

As you can easily see, hair transplant is quite beneficial and is actually a simple process. Hair transplant surgery creates a perfect solution with ease. It helps you economize your bucket, of course under the condition that you are in safe hands. Find a facility of good quality if you decide to get the treatment. We will be happy to assist you further if you get in touch with us.

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