What is Choi Pen? A hair transplant is a very popular procedure to get your lost hair back permanently. Today, as technology develops, easier and quicker methods for hair transplantation are available. 

There are two common methods; FUE and DHI. In FUE, (follicular unit extraction) the doctor extracts hair follicles one by one and then implants them on your scalp. The size of the balding area determines the technique. DHI (direct hair implantation) is the newest one, and it is the most successful one so far.

What is Direct Hair Implantation?

No matter what the method is, hair transplant has three simple steps;

  1.       The doctor applies local anaesthesia on the area and extracts healthy follicles.
  2.       He separates the follicles into grafts to transplant.
  3.       He transplants the hair on the bald areas.

In the DHI technique, doctors do site creation and graft implantation at the same time. The procedure takes a longer time than usual. They extract the hair follicles directly into the bald areas without the need for creating incisions. The surgeon performs this process with a special machine, Choi Pen. This device comes in different needle sizes to fit the follicular unit grafts. This is why the DHI technique is also known as the Choi method.

Choi pen has a hollow needle connected to a tub and plunger device. Thanks to Choi pen, you will feel minimum discomfort. The hair transplant procedure is completely pain-free surgery. The doctors apply local anaesthesia on the areas, and you will not be feeling anything, but some patients may have a needle phobia and get scared of the process. Choi pen eliminates all these problems. Due to the small nature of the pen, the doctors also will be able to implant several follicles at the same time.

Unfortunately, everyone might not be a good candidate to use Choi pen. Curly characteristics and thinner diameter make it difficult to be loaded properly into the implanter. You can get the best result if your hair is straight and thick.

Advantages of Direct Hair Implantation

Choi pen ensures a stronger and healthier placement of the hair follicles. The recovery will be faster, and you will be able to turn to your daily routine quickly. If you choose direct hair implantation you won’t have to shave your hair completely; doctors can perform this method on longer hair. 

There will be no visible scars on your scalp so you will not have to hide your hair with hats or other accessories. It is crystal clear that the DHI transplant method is the best option today, especially if you are currently working.

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