DHI hair transplantation is an innovative method of hair transplantation. In order to transplant your hair, the surgeon removes what is called a graft from the donor area (typically from the sides or back of the head) and then implants it over the balding area. What is a graft? With a very simple explanation: The removed hair follicles grow in groups of one to four hairs, which are also known as grafts.

What is the difference of DHI?

The DHI method differs from other hair transplantation methods because the grafts are implanted differently. In DHI hair transplantation, the use of special tools allows implantation directly after hair extraction without first having to create the channels for the grafts. With other transplant procedures, such as FUE (follicular unit extraction), the doctor must first open the channels before implantation.


People often ask about the difference between FUE and DHI hair transplantation. But the FUE method is always included in the DHI method.

The FUE and DHI methods cannot be compared with each other. FUE stands for Follicular unit extraction and DHI for Direct hair implantation. That means: the FUE method describes the way of removal and the DHI method describes how the individual grafts are replanted.

DHI with Choi Implanter Pen VS FUE Sapphire

In both techniques, the grafts are harvested in the same way (removal from the donor area and subsequent transplantation of the roots in the areas marked in bold). However, in DHI, thanks to the Choi Pen implanter, the grafts are implanted directly into the patient’s skin without waiting for the opening of the channels (incision).

Choi-Pen makes all operations smoother, reduces trauma and bleeding, ensures faster recovery and increases graft survival rate.

Another difference between these two amazing hair restoration treatments is the application. DHI does not require patients to shave prior to the procedure, while FUE Sapphire does. Also, DHI with Choi Pen can achieve higher density while FUE Sapphire Hair Transplantation is a better option for patients with wider bald spots.

Also, DHI surgery with the Choi pen requires more skill and experience than FUE, and medical teams go through a long period of training to specialize in the application of this technique.

How long does it take to heal after the DHI procedure?

Healing after hair transplantation is relatively quick. After 3-7 days, the small crusts that have formed fall off and after 4 days you can wash your hair again. A reddening of the scalp can be seen for about 10 days.

What makes the DHI Technique special?

Due to the high precision, DHI hair transplantation makes it possible to take the direction of hair growth of the implanted hair into account as precisely as possible. This gives you an optimally natural result, which is also achieved by using the finest needles (just 0.7 mm in diameter) to open microscopically small channels that guarantee additional and optimized hair density.

The grafts are usually removed and transplanted with a Choi implantation pen, which is the most precise method possible.

While the survival rate of the extracted and transplanted hair was 60-75% with the previous methods, this value is 90-95% with DHI hair transplantation and the implanted hair continues to grow for a lifetime.

This technique has other unique selling points: it is not only suitable for transplanting scalp hair, but also for transplanting eyebrows and beard hair. In addition, it can be performed without surgery, which also further minimizes the risk of scarring, which is already almost non-existent with FUE hair transplantation.

This speeds up the wound healing process many times over and you can enjoy your new head of hair much faster.
Which aftercare is required?

If the PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) with platelet-rich plasma is carried out at the same time as the hair transplant, the hair follicles grow faster. A bandage must be worn on the first day after the procedure. Afterwards, the newly transplanted hair can be protected from the sun with a wide hat. The scalp is treated daily with a special moisturizing spray. The hair is washed with a mild, nourishing shampoo. You can start your daily routine after just a few days. Sporting activities can also be practiced.

Why should I choose the DHI method?

It is better to choose the DHI technique as it is gentle on the scalp and follicles. No incisions or slits in front of the scalpel in the recipient area. This technique is the latest practiced by surgeons. It is absolutely painless as it is accompanied by anesthesia.

The DHI method offers better preservation of the hair over the years. This is done taking into account the age forecasts. In fact, the genetic component allows to visualize the progression of hair loss and to determine the number of grafts to be implanted. It also allows us to implant the grafts without completely shaving the hair, especially in women

The advantages of the DHI technique:

-It is non-invasive, painless, and requires no hospitalization.

-It is not necessary to shave the recipient area

-There can be more density.

-It has more precision and accuracy

-Patients can resume normal life the day after surgery
-Natural and scar-free results

What is the price of DHI hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is a popular destination for medical tourism. You can get quality hair transplants there that give excellent results without spending a lot of money. Compared to European and North American countries, the cost of DHI hair transplantation is significantly lower, although the procedure in Turkey is performed by experienced surgeons and with quality equipment.

Although prices vary depending on the size of the transplant area, your surgeon, and the medical tools used during the process we advise you to contact our medical consultants today for a hair analysis and a quote!
Is the DHI Technique painful?

If you choose DHI hair transplant, you do not have to worry about a painful treatment. Your surgeon will use local anesthesia to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Because the DHI procedure requires no incisions or sutures, discomfort during and after surgery is minimal. The Choi Implanter Pen is a sophisticated, non-invasive instrument that eliminates the need for incisions during the procedure. Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey expertly perform the painless DHI hair transplant using this innovative device.

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