What is The Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment for Women?

What is The Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment for Women? Hair loss in women is a serious issue. Hair loss and prominence of the hairline can indicate themselves as thinning and shedding of the hair behind the forehead hairline. If precautions are not taken in the early period, women may experience severe hair loss problems. 

Genetic hair loss types may become more apparent and accelerate when hormonal balances change. Hair loss in women may not always have genetic features and may progress in different patterns. In fact, the period that all women complain about thinning and shedding their hair coincides with the post-menopausal period. 

If hair loss in women starts, especially during adolescence, it is necessary to follow hormonal changes under the supervision of a doctor. Acne and menstrual irregularities may accompany hair loss. 

The leading causes of hair loss are; iron deficiency anaemia, systemic disorders, thyroid and dysfunction, hormone irregularities and genetic causes. 

Hair loss may temporarily appear due to postpartum, febrile illness and medication use. Since hair loss is very diverse in women, consulting with experts and getting professional help will always provide beneficial solutions for hair loss in women.

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Women?

If hair loss is related to a disease, it is necessary to start drug treatment in consultation with a specialist. With the medication recommended by the doctor and supplements that can support hair regrowth, you can regain your hair. However, there are a lot of treatments methods for hair loss. Some of these supports can be as follows;

Serum use:  Haircare serums containing substances such as Aminexil and Octane strengthen the hair from the root and nourish the scalp. You can use these serums every day. 

Biotin use:  After consulting a doctor, nutritional supplements containing Biotin can be a solution for hair loss.

Massage:  To increase blood circulation, you can often massage the scalp gently.

Exercising:  If there is a hair loss problem due to stress, you can try to prevent this by doing various activities such as sports.

Hair Transplant:  It is the best option to regain healthy hair. Hair transplant can be applied primarily to people with male pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss occurs in individuals genetically susceptible to this with the effect of the male hormone. Cells that produce hair around the hair follicle die under the action of this hormone. Thus, the hair first becomes thin and sheds ultimately. Hair transplant is the most effective and lasting treatment for hair loss problems.

Hair Mesotherapy:  Hair mesotherapy is an effective treatment method for hair loss. It involves the process of injecting vitamins, antioxidants and minerals directly into the scalp with a microneedle. 

Above all, hair transplant is the best option for the treatment of hair loss. It is effective and permanent contrary to other methods. In esteGrande, we perform the latest hair transplant methods for the satisfaction of our patients.

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