What Kind of Density Should I Expect After a Hair Transplant Procedure?

What Kind of Density Should I Expect After a Hair Transplant Procedure? Hair transplant operations have become widespread in recent years. One of the essential aspects that affect the results of hair transplant procedures is density. If surgeons can achieve a proper frequency, your results will be better as well. 

Also, on the sixth month after hair transplant, you cannot see anything that will remind you of the operation. Your hair will be visible at the end of the sixth month. Though this process may vary according to the characteristics of the hair and environmental factors, after seven to eight months, you can observe the desired look. Final results can be seen in one year. Diet and psychological condition after the hair transplant are other aspects that may affect the results.  

The density of hair strands is directly related to the ratio of the number of hair grafts and the width of the target area. The smaller the area, the fewer grafts are needed for hair transplant.

For a person who does not have hair loss problem, the hair density is around 70 to 100 hair strands per square centimetre. If half or more of this is shedding, there is a noticeable absence of hair. Therefore, 50 to 80 hair follicles per square centimetre to a hairless area is enough to give this area a dense look. 

How to Adjust the Hair Density

In order to make a dense hair transplant, sufficient hair follicles must be present in the donor area. Thus, if the result corresponds to the hair frequency and the shape desired by the patient, then the operation is a success.

To achieve a good density from hair transplant with a successful operation, it is necessary to take into consideration the individual circumstances. Also, the medical team should show the required meticulousness in the process.

Some features affect the success of the results. You will be able to achieve good results if you pay attention to these points:

  • The expertise of the team
  • Quality and thickness of your hair
  • Target area
  • Waiting time of the received grafts
  • The technique of hair transplant

Hair transplant operations are critical, like all other surgical operations. The health and aesthetic appearance of the person who will have a hair transplant are prioritised. Based on this, we can say that a natural look is an important criterion.

Providing a natural look in hair transplant is directly dependent on two factors.

  • The frequency and density of the new hair
  • Direction and angles of hair follicles

For the realisation of these factors, the doctor who will perform the hair transplant should work carefully during the operation. Surgeons should place the follicles meticulously and at right angles. Impressive results with good density are achieved when doctors obtain the so-called golden ratio. esteGrande Instagram

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